Mom who left baby to die in dumpster given 5 year sentence

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RICHMOND, Va. -- On Wednesday, a judge sentenced Shavaughn Robinson to prison for five years.

Police arrested her in May 2013, after she gave birth to a baby girl at her job, and then wrapped her in a plastic bag and left her in a nearby dumpster off Monument Avenue. The baby, found by a janitor, died.

During her trial a psychiatrist testified that Robinson has multiple personalities.

Shortly after her initial court appearance, Robinson’s family said they did not know she was pregnant and were “shocked” by the allegations.

Robinson herself claimed she thought she had given birth to a purple baby doll. She pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A jury convicted Robinson of second-degree murder at her trial last month.

The jury recommended she be sentenced to seven years in prison.


    • Shelly

      hey, but black people do it less. Isn’t that your argument for crime? If a race does it less, just ignore it right?

  • BO

    Wonder how a mentally unstable woman can get a job in a doctor’s building?thought she gave birth to a purple baby doll?

  • sw

    CBS 6 commentors have gotten out of hand. I am really tired of nothing but racist BS being talked about on here. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the article then really don’t bother.

    • BO

      Try being white and visit church hill and you will experience real racism.There is trash in every race but blacks are ahead of the game.fact not racism.

    • luke

      Stop complaining sw. If you’re tired of it then just read the articles and keep it moving. If they are not speaking directly to you just dont worry about it.

      • Troll

        Luke, this site is not your public wall to write any trash you want on it. Your statement is extremely ignorant. Are you actually manalishi or athynz? Write all you want on a skin head site. Stay away from public news sites. Jerkwad.

  • GloriaT

    My sister grew up with this girl, ,mental illness is suppressed in the black community no one wants to be labeled retarded or mentally challenge. So things like this happen instead of judging her, Pray for her. She is human just like all of us and the only one of a high power that she has to listen to is GOD. She obviously needed help and didn’t know how to get it. Not everyone in the black community with mental issues are killers and what not. We’re all human though, and not everyone can be as perfect as some of you commentators pan out to be. God Bless You All.

  • me

    It is Official, clear and transparent. The highest “Public Servants”; Judges and Executives require
    and get Media protections against their deliberate and decisive actions and decisions; No Name
    Judge strikes again with new era injustice. The National Excuse for Any and All Occasions
    Society IS Excused for deliberate, intentional, murder with clean up, by woman competent enough
    to hold down two jobs.

  • me

    “Cracker” , sometimes white cracker or cracka, is a derogatory term for white people, used by blacks
    that can’t, won’t, and refuse to Stand For “Equality” and equally derogatory terms, when used against them. This is PC sponsored, condoned and judged perfectly PC from the President to
    Democratic Law Makers, down to and including “community leaders”.

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