Man charged in fiery Henrico crash was once a fugitive

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - A day after Jimmy Lee Green, Jr., 31, granted CBS 6 reporter Sandra Jones a jailhouse interview, he was back in front of a camera. This time in front of Henrico Judge George Barton Chucker via video conferencing.

Judge Chucker ruled to deny Green's request for bond. Green is charged with vehicular involuntary manslaughter for causing the crash that killed 23-year-old Melissa Haislip last week on Old Osbourne Turnpike.

Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Huberman opposed Green's bond request. He explained Green should remain jailed because he could face additional charges -- possibly related to alcohol and other substances -- pending the investigation into the fiery crash.

During this interview, Green admitted to drinking the day of the crash.

"I think I did drink one or two beers," he said. "But that wouldn't have gotten me to a point where I couldn't drive."

Huberman pointed to Green's past for more reasons as to why the father of five should remain in lockup.

Green has a criminal record that includes violent crime convictions in Florida, Indiana and South Carolina, according to the prosecutor. Green admitted to CBS 6 he served three years in prison for aggravated assault with a firearm and drug offenses.

Huberman also told the court Green had -- at one point - been considered a 'fugitive.'

Green told the judge he had not been in contact with his family, but that he planned to hire an attorney. The judge ordered Green to have his attorney either send a letter to the court or appear on behalf of Green July 9 at 9:00 a.m.


  • Marcus

    Does anyone know if Melissa Haislip was related to Sarah Ann Haislip who was involved in a drunk driving accident near Short Pump Town Center on New Years Eve of 2006?

    • Ejo

      Hello Marcus,
      I read in a news web article last week that the two were not related. I am unsure of which local station it was though.

    • Kim

      apparently your goal in lfe is to by an a**hole…..or were you assaulted by one of the ebonics speaking people before?

      • Kim

        Are you capable of understanding the difference between their, they’re, and there? You misuse it quite frequently. There you go. No inappropriate language for the baby.

  • tom

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  • Kenny

    By the way, who hired you???? I doubt no one. You’re on here posting ignorant comments all day. There is no way you have a job especially the way you send your post. I guess someone should tell you that you should capitalize at the beginning of every sentence.

  • Robbie

    Violent crime convictions in Florida. Say it ain’t so! Wasn’t drinking, dropped his cell phone he says. Pam, let’s blame this on the white salesperson at Verizon and the ABC store.

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