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11-year-old boy’s invention prevents parents from forgetting babies in cars

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Nashville boy invented a device to remind parents to take their children out of hot cars.

Andrew Pelham, 11, entered the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, a competition that requires the contestants to use rubber bands in their invention. Pelham created the EZ Baby Saver, which stops parents from leaving the car without their child. The contraption straps from the back seat to the front of the driver’s door.

It is made with duct tape and rubber bands, and Pelham offers directions on how to make it on his website.

Pelham was inspired to make a difference after learning that about 38 children die each year from being left in hot cars. “I’m hoping if I can save one life with my invention, I can say that my invention was successful,” he told Nashville’s News 2.

Pelham won second place in the contest, which earned him $500.

Learn more about Pelham and his invention on his website.


  • Gail

    If you need a device to remember to take your child or pet out of the car then you have absolutely NO business having them!! NO ONE IS THAT STUPID!!! Forgetting is only an EXCUSE for laziness or stupidity!!!

    • athynz

      While I do agree with you in that anyone who forgets a child or pet in their vehicle should not be have either one at the same time if this device does help save lives then I’m all for the use of it.

  • Malachi

    so you attach it to the door opener… hm..what if the kid pulls it and the door opens while driving on the freeway..?

  • sw

    Most of you don’t even understand as when a couple has a new baby and the father doesn’t usually take the baby to daycare and has forgotten the infant in the car because of the rear facing carseat and the infant being asleep. Sometimes it truly is an accident. There is no “excuse” for any tragic accident. The truth is they happen and we are all human and sometimes good people make horrible mistakes. I find most of the people who post on here are terribly judgemental and only do so to criticize others instead of offering ways to prevent these horrible tragedies like this young man whose invention was so smart for an 11 year old. I only hope that people are not as harsh on some of you as you are on them.

  • John Hemphill

    Good idea, but what if you forget to put the rubberband up? then when you get out no rubberband will stop you so you might assume that the child is not in the car.. Silly to forget in the first place.

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