Charlottesville City Schools closed Thursday as threat is investigated

Colonial Heights victim cooperated with robbers, gunman still shot him

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. – Johnny Seymour was robbed and assaulted early Tuesday morning.

He said he told the gunman: "Straight up honest, I said I don't want to die."

He said he tried to cooperate but that didn't work out.

They grabbed his glasses and then he said, “the guy hit me on the side of my jaw with the gun."

Then he said they demanded his cellphone and didn't believe him when he said he didn’t have one.

“So the guy hit me in the back of the head with the gun," Seymour said.

He said more than once they threatened to kill him.

Then, when it was over, as one suspect was taking off and the other was too, he said, "I don't know if the guy is walking backwards or he turned around and he shot me."

The bullet went into Seymour’s his back, through his stomach and out his front.

He ended up with three staples in the back of his head, a laceration and a swollen jaw from being smacked with the gun.

Twelve hours later Colonial Heights Police had three men in custody.

Wayne Jackson, age 22, is charged with robbery and malicious wounding in the attack on Johnny Seymour.

He and two others, 19-year-old Hodari Taylor and 26-year-old Michael Walker, are also charged with attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery for the Saturday morning incident where a newspaper carrier was shot at but not hit.

The three men are also charged with malicious wounding, use of a gun in a felony and robbery for a similar crime in Prince George County.

Both Chesterfield County and Petersburg Police believe the men may be connected to similar crimes in their jurisdictions.

As for Johnny Seymour, he said luck had nothing to do with his survival.

"When I said I don't want to die, somebody told me…somebody said you're not going to die,” he recollected. “I feel like God was with me all the way."


  • Robbie

    Pam, what you think? We haven’t used the excuse that the white school teachers didn’t help these poor boys out enough. I am running out of things to keep blaming on white people.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    We need more prisons , harsher sentences, and no parole granted for any reason. Something has to get through to these thugs.

  • manalishi

    Headline should read,,,”stereotypical democrats invade Colonial Height only to find intolerance.” Dey be sum fiiiiiiine women where dey goin. Need to prosecute their parents.

  • Robbie

    Victim is white. WTVR failed to mention that. Again, had the roles been reversed, well, you know the rest. Won’t be seeing the reverends marching on this either.

    • Paula

      I don’t think you work at all. Do something with your miserable life besides acting like a racist A hole

      • manalishi

        “I don’t think” Yup, that’s believable. Although his statement was a bit out there, you could have done better.

  • Tammy

    I agree with the comments above because white people dont rob or shoot people—–WAIT! I mean not as much as black people.

    • Robbie

      Tammy, “not as much” is an understatement. Like I have been saying over and over, white people don’t blame blacks for their problems. Since the 60’s blacks have blamed everything on whites. Until African American leaders acknowledge the problems in their communities begin in their homes, nothing will change. Sorry white trash choose to live their pathetic lives the way they choose. So do African Americans. You can be what you want in this country but you have to want it.

  • tammy

    white people dont have a reason for blaming black people for their problems. Black people dont blame white people for their problems; just blame them for the muck and mirey clay some black people have to climb from to get anywhere. If you knew your history you would understand that. Yea, true, you can be what you want and you do have to want it

    • manalishi

      ” Black people dont blame white people for their problems” The BS meter just went off the scale!

      • manalishi

        Sorry Beth. You may not be aware of your role in the universe, but I am. Therefore, i do not comply with with the demands of any democrat (bimbo or otherwise) unless i fell compelled to. Tell yo mama.

      • tammy

        lol, beth, its because he CANT provide it. the “will not comply to a democrat” is an excuse. manalishi, tell “yo mama” I said hi, she did a great job. Even if you felt compelled to, you couldnt do it. Provide the link. put up or shut up. Well, you dont know how to shut up, surely you wont put up because your accusation of all that commit crimes being democrat is false so you will be doing neither. GOOD DAY and GOOD RIDDANCE!

      • manalishi

        Now should we discuss the 20/1 black/anyone ratio of crime in the Richmond area just from counting (of which democrats have a hard time) then compare to historical voting polls,,,, and one could easily prove a connection that would only be denied by those who support violence and crime due to vanity or guilt.

        Give your snap card and obamaphone to someone worthy. Your not.

    • Tammy

      First of all, your source isn’t reliable. Second, the people who come crimes who are black more than likely does not vote dummy. I mean imagine a someone who is in a life of crime voting. I don’t think so. They are thinking of their next con not about voting. And third, they are likely habitual offenders with felony records who lost the right to vote. So go back to the drawing board with your outlandish stereotypes and judging.

      • manalishi

        Democrats NEVER accept facts or documentation. State YOUR sources. (other than your useless feeling and opinions). And address the second post with clarity,,,bimbo. That festering blister on you lip appears to be getting worse.

      • tammy

        Who said I was a democrat? You know what assumptions make you…an a**. Stats for what? I didnt make any allegations that a certain amount of a group of people were this or that. The only bimbo is your mother. I meant commit not come like I put in my first post. But I guess you lack common sense to figure that out on your own. I didnt state opinion. I used common sense that you obviouslt lack. The common criminal or a person involved in a street life does not care about politics. Felons losing the right to vote is a fact. And your corny jokes are only evidence of your frustration of you always being wrong.

      • manalishi

        You really are a sore loser. Nobody defends something they do not believe in,,,democrat busted.

  • girl with a gun

    Glad to hear this trash is off the street and this story is proof that more people should conceal carry.

  • B Addy

    Three pieces of sh_t with a combined IQ of 28. When will this broken record stop? It is getting very old seeing the same thing day after day. But with no fathers around…………….

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