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Daylight shooting leaves male dead in Union Hill alley

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RICHMOND, Va. - Richmond Police have identified the man shot and killed in the 800 block of North 21st Street in Union Hill as Jay Q. Wood, 47, of the 3100 block of Zion Street.

There was a call made for random gunfire at 5:26 p.m. Tuesday, in the 700 block of Mosby. When police arrived they found Wood dead in the alley on N. 21st between Venable and Carrington streets, Lt. Daniel Minton confirmed.

Courier Ernest Little had pulled over on Venable to write in his log when he heard the gunshots.

Courier Ernest Little

Courier Ernest Little

"At least six, seven. A lady walking up the street like there was nothing to it.

Then all the police started coming.

"Mmm-mmm," he said, shaking his head. "The middle of the day."

"We have had no problems over here," nearby resident Gwen Jefferson said. "I don't know what's going on. This is an ugly sight,
"I went to pick up my son from school and this is what I come home to."

Union Hill resident Gwen Jefferson.

Union Hill resident Gwen Jefferson.

Lt. Minton said they have strong leads. Right now there are no suspects in custody. This is being called a death investigation for now, police said. If you have any information that can help police, please contact Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


    • burgster

      Mayor Jones should have kept the last Chief of Police instead of the new Cosmopolitan Chief. By the way the new police cars look like cabs……

  • Robbie

    I will march in protest against the continuing black on black violence just as soon as the reverends Jackson and Sharpton get here. What’s that…oh yea, there still living in the 60’s and blaming everything on white people.

  • Dwayne Hill Faith Walk

    The enemy is busy in our city make no mistake about it ,these murders are acts of Satan in for us to overcome this we must fight with the spirit of God it is only then this enemy will be defeated.

  • Kenny Powers

    It’s the community’s fault according to the Mayor’s antique puppet in charge of the police. Not the fact that they have allowed police officers to leave to other jurisdictions in droves for higher salaries and decent working conditions. I am surprised that they had any officers to respond. Our neighborhood cop says we would be terrified if we knew how few cops are actually on patrol at a given time. I don’t blame them who would want to work in the city for peanuts?

  • manalishi

    Ok, where’s the s**t like Troll, lil Kim, Shelly, Airwackie. Mike, Tonya (like Harding), and L who believe this is normal and they are all just human because they are just fine with it. Stereotypical democrats. Maybe they should run for mayor?

    • Shelly

      Nothing you said makes sense. When did someone say this is fine or normal? No, you should run for mayor. You’re the one who has the problem with how it’s run!

      • manalishi

        “You’re the one who has the problem with how it’s run!” Tell that to the countless victims. Dumba**.

      • Shelly

        The Mayor isn’t killing people dummy. These people were raised long before Jones became mayor Jacka**!



      • Paul J.

        I strongly suspect that manalishi has no family that will associate with him. Certainly he has no friends outside of a mental hospital. That goes for Clayton Bigsby and any other name manalishi goes by on the comment board.

      • manalishi

        Crystal, caps lock won’t make you a better person or cure that recurring blister on your lip.

    • Shelly

      I’m not defending anyone. Just stating facts. I could care less. You’re the one consumed in politics. Democrat this and Republican that. You have no life but to be consumed with blaming every problem on Democrats. I’m not into politics, I just live my life’s. Democrats and Republicans have pros and cons. Neither can be trusted and both have hidden agendas. I speak for what’s fare. Politics is not fair so I don’t get consumed in it. But continue to waste your time getting into a hissy fit everyday with every news story and blaming everything on Democrats and stereotyping black people like the low life you are.

      • manalishi

        So, when have you ever heard me refer to any one as “black people”? All i have to do is rip into stereotypical democrat behavior and you (as well as others) tend to freak with the defensive mechanism. For all I know, you could just be fat, ugly and morally corrupt. I cannot rip republicans in richmond as there are none since the last governor moved out.

      • Shelly

        So, you have a problem with fat people too? Not sure what I look like has to do with anything but for the record I dont think anyone would look at me and think fat. All this judgement of others leads me to believe you need to start looking at the man in the mirror.

      • manalishi

        Looks as if “could just be” tripped the defensive mechanism again. Then it breaks into a Michael Jackson tune.

  • carryann

    this is becoming like wtvr’s weather report partly cloudy with a chance of sun a nd rain,can’t go wrong

  • carryann

    oh and you people who know the issue but are scared to say so because you may be labled racist are too funny.youre the same people that cross the street when you see a gang of white kids heading toward you,ha ha

    • Marie

      And you’re the same witch that got picked on at school…and you probably still get bullied as an adult. Low life. You finally found a coward way to let some steam off?

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