Developer plans to wake-up ‘tired’ Fairfield Commons mall

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About half of Fairfield Commons mall’s retail space is sitting empty. (PHOTO: Michael Schwartz)

About half of Fairfield Commons mall’s retail space is sitting empty. (PHOTO: Michael Schwartz)

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – An Arizona developer is rolling out plans to demolish a struggling East End mall and build a new open-air retail center.

Bromont Investments is under contract to buy the Fairfield Commons mall on Nine Mile Road in a deal expected to close this fall, said Joshua Rector, director of development for the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based firm.

The company plans to demolish the 46-year-old shopping center to make way for about 300,000 square feet of retail space at a new open air complex dubbed Eastgate Town Center.

An Arizona developer plans to build a new retail complex over Fairfield Commons mall. (PHOTO: Michael Schwartz)

An Arizona developer plans to build a new retail complex over Fairfield Commons mall. (PHOTO: Michael Schwartz)

“The existing structure is just kind of past its prime. It’s a very tired structure, and it needs to be replaced,” Rector said. “The demographics are right and prime in an underserved retail area, so we thought it was an absolute home run from a redevelopment standpoint.”

Eastgate Town Center will be made up of four free-standing retail buildings. Rector said the company hopes to close the purchase of the property in the fall. He said he is “slightly optimistically” hoping to open the new development by fall of 2015.

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  • buzz

    Over 4,000 retail stores have closed this year alone and more are scheduled over the next 2 years as the demographics of America changes. Baby boomers are retiring at 10,000 a day for the next 15 years. Half the malls in the country will be ghost towns in the next 5 years. Expandable income? retirees will not be spending money on stuff they do not need and will not be going to malls. Birth rate is 0 right now. Not growing at all . This is a waste of money for the developer

    • Mo Fiscal Conservatism

      Where are you getting your numbers from. your imagination? lol The baby boomers are not their target clientele. I’m guessing you aren’t a successful business owner?

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I mean malls close for a million reasons. Not just one. The same with every other business.
      Plus developers don’t get to where they are by making decisions that every random person on Facebook would know better. Baby boomers are not the target anymore, they just aren’t. Plus this isn’t 1989 and owning a mall is completely different. I’m sure the investors know exactly what they’re doing. It’s always a risk, otherwise everyone would be doing it and making millions. But you don’t make 6 and 7 figure incomes by investing in shots in the dark.

  • carryann

    never will happen.just a advertisement for a failing mall,like the rest that went to the thugs.azalea,regency,this one and VCC is next.

  • Ron Melancon

    Not going to work and it will fail. The best thing that can be done is to build like a Short Pump Town Center and forget retail. As the internet buying becomes more and more the fact is people are going to stores less and less . We do have an overcapacity of retail. Stop these projects that are going to fail. Do a life style center where you have a community in a community wit business.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Great news that life is being brought back into the east end. Once this mall back it will act as an anchor for other big box stores and will spread economic prosperity to the entire community. Schools will get better, housing prices will rise, and we will see poverty decrease anf the rebirth of the two parent family. What a joke, it will fail, but maybe it will keep some criminals closer to home.

    • Julie

      For what? I do all my stealing at Short Pump and Stony Point….I also like to visit the Target at Westchester and the WalMart in Chester. They never suspect a thing.

      • Clayton Bigsby

        There presence tears it up. Nobody with money wants to be around criminals so they move and shop elsewhere. The same thing happened to Richmond. Enjoy your impoverished surroundings Tonya. It will only get worse.

      • Tammy

        You werent saying that when Willow Lawn went through its drought and then got revitalized!

        Did you go to RPS? Learn the difference between there, their and they’re. And also, you hit the wrong reply button.


    Build a zoo and keep your dumb a** there. How did the people in the East End tear up a mall???? The mall was old as he** anyway, Just like your old a**!!!

    • Jason

      I guess that’s why they need a police precinct in the mall they’re such nice people that go there! I don’t see no police precinct at Shortpump or chesterfield

    • Shelly

      Yes, Jason, there is a police station in Chesterfield townecenter where those nice people shop. Right next to the JCPenny!

  • kyle

    …some pretty bad comments here, think before you type because a lot of you guys are showing your ignorance on here

    -Your friendly East End thug

  • John

    I believe that neighborhoods go through revitalization every so many years and that spurs renewed interest the area. If an area sits dormant for a period of time, it attracts no attention. This area around Fairfield Commons is full of hard working families that go other places to shop because FC doesn’t offer what they want to buy. So the money for shopping goes to Mechanicsville, Chesterfield, or the West End.
    Just look at West Broad Street or Carytown, it is constantly changing, updating and renovating. We don’t call the stores that closed a failure and the area to be a failure. The business just wasn’t offering what the consumers wanted at that time.
    White Oak was built on Laburnum Ave a couple miles East of Fairfield Commons. It has gotten busier and busier. The Sam’s Club has the fastest rate of growth than any Sam’s in Virginia.

  • StarofVa

    What’s going to differentiate this retail space from White Oak? I thought the status of this mall was why many East Enders rejoiced when White Oak came to fruition. Has anybody been on that section of Laburnam on a weekend? Geez. Getting off the highway takes a minute.

  • StarofVa

    Btw, it was eastgate before Fairfield commons so hopefully the name makes a difference this time.

  • John

    It would be a good spot for CostCo, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike outlet store, Home Depot, Arts and Crafts store, Office supply store, Beer/Wine warehouse store, gift stores. Three to four well know restaurant chains like Joe’s Crab Shack, Texas De Brazil, Kabutos, and Salad Works.

  • Tonya

    Thanks Tammy, Clayton is a dumb a**. You have to excuse him, he can’t help being a racist punk bytch. For someone as racist as Clayton, he always has to say something to me or about me. Let me find out that you like chocolate. Trust & believe this chocolate can’t stand your old white a** !!!!

  • KiloL ee

    It’s about time we get more new buildings over here. I’ve wanted to watch FC burn for decades, about time we see it fall. New restaurants would be amazing, like maybe another new steak joint or ethnic place. If we get this, hopefully the rest of the area would start to come up a bit, get rid of the old “blighted” buildings.

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