Richmond Police searching for escaped inmate

It happened again. Child spotted wandering alone along West Broad Street

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RICHMOND, Va. - No charges will be filed at this time against the parents of a four-year-old child found wandering unsupervised along West Broad Street in downtown Richmond twice in four days.

Child Protective Services will take over the case and make sure the child is safe, according to Richmond Police spokesman James Mercante.

Witness said they saw the child walking along the 100 block of West Broad Street Monday morning. Police responded after a man walking his dog called 911, witnesses said.

Monday's situation was similar to a situation on Friday when police were called to 115 West Broad Street after people spotted a naked child walking outside an apartment building.

Police, who later found the child's mother, said she suffered from a medical condition.

A Richmond Police confirmed it was the same child in both incidents.


  • JoHo

    Where is that stupid Richmond Child Protection Agency? Another sorry Social Services Dept. in Richmond. This child should have been taken in to custody Friday. Should not have had the chance to get back on the street, if Social Services was doing the job they get paid to do.

    • BO

      If socila services did its job it would keep children out of abusive homes instead of leaving them there.blacks ruin everything they are in charge of.

    • SAN

      Well here’s a good one JOHO, my comment was not printed. Has to do with Dinwiddie CPS and “who’s the boss” of all the CPS in Va. The employees sit on their duff’s and get a hefty pay check and expect the citizens to do the work. They do not, follow ups on reports as they say and the whole county needs an outside investigation. I gave details and I’m sure that’s why mine didn’t get printed. I apologize if I was hasty about writing this as they may be checking out my original comment. CPS just draws a check as many of the county depts. also. Follow ups is not part of their vocabulary. The county as a whole, needs investigated. I have paperwork to prove my accusations and witnesses.

  • Adrienne Sydnor

    Soooooo no charges will be filed. The child is back with the parent(s). Mom has a medical condition?????? Third time’s gonna be an unlucky charm. WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT THIS CHILD….obviously his parent(s) can’t. Twice in 4 days. What if someone kidnaps him or murders him, if he gets hit by a car? Who is going to be blamed for that? WAKE UP RICHMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sw

      The article clearly does not say the child is back with the parents. It says that CPS is handling the care of the child. Please read the whole article. Evidently this mother has some kind of medical condition but no one seems to be letting out what it may be.

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