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WATCH: Video of married man going on first date goes viral

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A YouTube video that’s going viral shows a man preparing for a first date, although it’s clear he’s wearing a wedding ring.

When his suit and tie are in place, he walks out the door and takes a deep breath, only to turn back toward the house.

There’s a heartwarming surprise when the door opens.

The video called “The Best First Date” was uploaded by Because of Camilito.

It’s an insurance company that says it gives all of its profits to charity.



    • Bobbie Brumfield

      Aaron Dickson this is an amazing your a wreath dad and I just wondered how you thought this up

    • valerie

      You are an amazing father!! I hope dads out there see this and comprehend that there is more to it then being just a roof and food provider but a person who loves there children unconditionally and demonstrates it too. And yes a father will always be a daughters first love!

  • Luz E Rivera

    This by far was the sweetest and most honest video…brought me to tears..Happy tears! She was the cutest and most luckiest little girl. Besides the daddy (step father) of mine, he is the best daddy!!

  • Michelle

    It was the best video that I have seen in a long time. Tears formed in my eyes! Thank God for great Dads, I am blessed just as this little girl is to have a wonderful Father!


    It is nice to see a positive father’s day message!!

    NPR on father’s day did a review of bad fathers in opera.

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