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Homeowners shocked to find new home demolished a week after purchase

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond family wants answers after the house they just closed on June 13 was partially demolished by the city Friday.

The property is located at 1301 North 30th street in Richmond.

Shahida Sohail and her husband purchased the property as a rental investment. Sohail was headed to meet her cleaners at the home on Sunday when they called her to let her know half of her new home was gone.

"She says there's nothing to clean and freaked; I started with a headache I came and I thought I was going to have a heart attack," said the new property owner Shahida Sohail.

Sohail said she and her husband wiped out their $11,000 savings account to purchase the condemned five bedroom house in hopes of generating income for their two severely special needs children.

They knew it needed major renovations and it was sold as-is, but they said they were never notified of the city's plans to tear it down.

notice of violation

The City of Richmond said however, that the home's previous owner did know of plans to tear down the property.  The city said it sent several notifications that the property was an imminent danger including notice of demolition May 1. (insert city doc)

Sohail said she should have also been notified because her name is on the demolition papers that were issued June 16.

"I want this property fixed back -- I don't need a million dollars, no, I need this property to be done back the way it was going to give me my money for my kids," Sohail said.

The city says the transaction is still being updated in its system and they were unaware that the property had been sold.

They say they will know more once they are able to pull a hard copy of the demolition permit Tuesday.

The city maintains that this is a civil issue between the buyer and the seller, and that it was the responsibility of the previous owner to inform Sohail of the impending demolition.

The buyers' agent has reached out to the seller's agent, as has CBS 6, and we did not get a returned call yet.

The Sohail's are scheduled to meet with the city Tuesday.




  • Ron Melancon

    Hey Mr. Mayor that is one way to clear land for a baseball stadium. Your government can’t even prevent this and we expect you to build a screwball stadium?

    • dookiedog

      Hey Ron, not really sure what this has to do with the stadium. Did you ever think that the city actually did these people a favor? Sure they can huff and puff and try to get something out of this. In the end, this property needed to be torn down, like so many others in that side of town. A cleared lot……..for free!!!!!! They should be thanking the city. They can now go work with the bank to secure some loans. Build a new, enrgy effiecient, secure building with AC and multiple units. Then they can run their business properly, and maintain a profit, and be frugal, and achieve the American dream.

      It was the previous owner’s obligation to notify the buyer. The city would have no way of obtaining knowledge of a purchase that new. Neither would the county(s’). They did their job. The new owner can now pursue a lawsuit against the previous owner. They may or may not get anything out of it. That depends on the facts!!! If they do get something out of it, that money will go far to investing in the construction of their new building. Just have to have a little vision…..Ron.

      • Julie

        What you said is absolutely correct but you can’t talk sense to these people on this site. They dont understand logic. They just hate certain people in office and will say anything negative against them no matter how much it doesnt make sense.

  • Glen Allen

    Hmmm, according to the City Website, the Demolition Permit (D14052304) was applied for on May 23, 2014 and issued on June 16, 2014. The Demolition Contractor is listed as Dwight Snead Landscaping & Paving. 6/10/14- Gas Service Killed And Water Service Made Safe At This Location 06/16/14 – Va Power Disconnected And Removed Service On 06/04/14. The parcel owner listed on the Demolition Permit is not the same as the one listed on the above Notice of Violation. The cost of the demolition is listed at $8,025.00

  • Richard

    1) the escrow should have caught that and notified buyer. 2) if no escrow then sales contract would be the next test 3) the real kicker , sale under false pretense is criminal and the folks should get money back and prosecute for scam sale

  • missrightforus

    Awful. Sounds like the Realtors did not do their job and the owner stole their money in the sale of the house. Hopefully she will get her money back. Does not sound like the fault from the city. And I pray that the community will step in and help this family.

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