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Chesterfield businessman aims to silence Virginia hunters

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A Chesterfield startup wants to muzzle Virginia hunters – but only to help them shoot better. Simón Samaniego III launched Hunter’s Dream Silencers last month, an online retailer that specializes in silencers and some firearms.

Samaniego, 64, said he hopes to attract people who prefer to hunt on private land.

“My niche is to appeal to people from the standpoint that I got probably the best silencer on the market, and you can go out quietly and not have a loud footprint,” Samaniego said.

Samaniego said a quieter shot means animals are less likely to scatter after a shot is fired, and landowners don’t have to deal with as much noise.

“The most overlooked benefit of a silencer is the accuracy,” Samaniego said. “It’s an extension of the barrel and makes (the bullet) fly true.”

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  • Jay

    Well intended; however, when you live in the country the gunfire alerts one to where hunters may be and the area to avoid…..bullets don’t see property lines.

  • Tony Wells

    Such typical responses. I think people like Gerry and Jay (see above comments) need a physics lesson. Silencers, no matter how good cannot stop the loud, sonic crack from a bullet traveling at hypersonic speeds and subsonic ammunition can not overcome the friction loss to travel extreme distances. Think of it like being near an interstate. You still hear the cars going by even with their mufflers, now think of all those cars without mufflers; I wouldn’t drive a car without a muffler and I don’t like shooting without one. Loud blasts are just obnoxious and inconsiderate to fellow landowners.

  • Manny

    Silencers/suppressors make it less accurate by a little bit. Subsonic ammo added to your setup will make it quieter by a lot. Sub sonic ammo is not preferred for hunting. The process is expensive and takes time.

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