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Help arrives for little girl asked to leave KFC over facial scars

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JACKSON, Miss. - The Mississippi girl asked to leave a KFC because her facial scars bothered other people in the restaurant will receive some medial help -- for free. A Las Vegas doctor flew to Mississippi to meet with three-year-old Victoria Wilcher and her family over the weekend.

Dr. Frank Stile is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with an expertise in minimizing scars on profession fighters.

He said he flew to Mississippi to meet with Victoria after seeing her story on the news.

"I was just very affected by it," he said. Stile said he planned to help Victoria free of charge.

He also placed her photo and story on his foundation's website in an effort to collect contributions for her.

He said a Florida doctor and renowned prosthetician has agreed to donate a prosthetic eye for Victoria. They plan to transport Victoria to Florida in the next week or two to get her new eye.

Victoria lost her eye and suffered serious injuries in a put bull attack. Her story went viral around the country after the KFC incident.

After social media users opened fire on the restaurant, calling for a boycott, the apology from the chain came quickly.

The company said it will donate $30,000 to assist with the girl’s medical bills.

“The entire KFC family is behind Victoria,” company spokesman Rich Maynard said.


  • Ron Melancon

    Yes!!!!! Social media has done it again! Our family will forever boycott KFC until they tell us why the Manager did I this. Do you hear that KFC? We have other choices like Popeyes and BoJangles but we will not eat at these locations in Henrico because of the Meals Tax . Anyway excellent reporting WTVR for bringing this to our attention

    • maureen

      dont forget most of these chains sell off the franchises. it had the kentucky fried chicken logo but may have been privately owned. KFC can only do so much. I do however suggest to KFC that they set in motion the adaption to quit selling off to loosers who think they can do what they want under their name.

      • Aaron

        Maureen.. It wasn’t the franchise owner that said it it was a manager. I know you have to be responsible for your employees but unless the owner him/herself was there they can’t stop the person from saying something. It could happen even at a company owned store, no matter what background checks, etc. you do you can still have an employee do something stupid.

    • Aaron

      Ron you are an idiot. KFC did not do this one of its employees and an independently owned franchise did it. My local KFC has nothing to do with what this person did at that restaurant. Boycott that specific KFC if you wish but KFC can’t control what each and every one of its employees does, nor can other company for that matter.

      • Ron Melancon

        No I am not the idiot was the manager who was trained by KFC and was so stupid to do this. Would this stupid person do this to a person if color? Than why to this girl? Boycott KFC

  • Thomas taylor

    Donate no… Give her the cash yes. Just lost my taste for KFC. Put that manager and the “people” she “bothered” on dishing washing duty…

  • Tina Taylor

    the scars are not open and nothing was oozing out. it does not matter what the manager or employees think- their job is to serve all equally and fairly. I’m glad that good came out of the story and before boycotting, let’s find out what kind of action if any was taken against the person responsible for this kind or rather lack of service.

  • Josh A

    The only problem with this story is that…it appears that the family was lying. By making up a story, they’ve gained over $165,000 in promised funds, plus numerous offers for free help, aid and procedures. – People may be torn thinking that, on some level, the parents lying to help their child is “understandable”, but they’re actually exploiting their daughter, committing fraud and defamation. Employees at the KFC have had stuff thrown on them and received death threats, all over a situation which never occurred, according to preliminary evidence. Reality is, the daughter was attacked and she does need help, but we can’t be an “Ends justify the means” society…doing so leads us down a road to moral bankruptcy. — The parents should suffer legal consequences from this. Not only were their actions illegal and immoral, consider the fact that failure to have consequences means that others may try the same thing, making people more skeptical and less willing to give when true outrage is needed. — I hope the little girl gets her help, but if this really was huge scam, then our legal system needs to step in as well.
    (supporting stories: and )

  • MeMe Gray

    Sources note that many details of the initial allegations against KFC do not add up, and as 11 Alive News points out, the family said that the incident happened on May 15 even though the Victoria’s Victories page posted on May 16 about the child being in the hospital the day before. “We had a small adventure yesterday, Victoria pulled her feeding tube out but thanks to the great people at Batson Children’s Hospital she is home today waiting for her new sister! Mom & Baby Abby come home today too,” the Facebook page read on May 16. Additionally, an investigation uncovered that surveillance video from the KFC doesn’t show Wilcher, her grandmother, or anybody else in their family dining at the restaurant on May 15. Wilcher’s aunt, administrator for the Facebook page, now says that the specific KFC location she originally posted about was the wrong one, but even when investigators looked at surveillance tape from the supposedly correct location, Wilcher and her family were nowhere to be seen. “We have never ever ever run off anyone, and we have seen some really really sick people come to the restaurant from the hospital,” said the source denying the claims against KFC. “We’ve had people come in who were shot in the face. We’ve had them with tubes and wire sticking out. We never have asked anyone to leave. “It just didn’t happen,” reiterated the source. – See more at:

  • Ageing Widower

    If it is proven a hoax, then I hope child services take control of the donated funds and ensure tey are applied only to helping Victoria.

    • Ron Melancon

      Getting the truth should be much easier than getting Lois Learners e mails. I agree if this was all made up then legal action needs to be bought against the parents to prevent other people from taking advantage. . If nothing happens then victims in the future will have an Evan harder time getting people to believe them

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