One victim dies after daylight double shooting on Hull Street

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RICHMOND, Va. - Two men were shot Monday afternoon at the Shamrock gas station along the 5700 block of Hull Street Road in South Richmond. Police were called to the gas station about 2:40 p.m.

Both men injured were taken to VCU Medical Center.

Around 8 p.m. one victim died of his injuries. The second victim's injuries are not life threatening.

Police have not yet said if they were looking for suspects in connection to the shootings. An eyewitness  tells us she pulled into the gas station to pump gas. That's when she noticed two men standing on outside the convenience store talking.

She said once a third man exited the store the two men began fighting the third guy. The witness said initially she could not tell if the two men were just play fighting with the third man.

When it appeared that they were kidding around, she said she felt safe enough to go into the store.

She said she was terrified moments later when she spotted the man who was being attacked grab a gun from his car, and then she heard gunshots.

"I am not sure who was shooting, honestly," she said. "I saw one guy go and get the gun and by that time I ran into the store and I was like lock the door, lock the door get down. In the midst of me saying that, they started shooting."

The woman also said she spotted one of the men grab what appeared to be a jar with marijuana in it as he ran across the street.

Investigators did not confirm whether or not they think this may be drug-related.

Captain Martin Harrison said it is still early in the investigation and they are still trying to develop information about suspects.

Police said they will be conducting hourly patrols in the Southside area, to make sure there are no occurrences and no retaliation.

Because the investigation is still on going and detectives are working to notify the victim’s next of kin, they are not yet identifying him or releasing any further details about the incident.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000. Citizens can also text Crime Stoppers at 274637, using the key word “ITip” followed by your tip. Both Crime Stoppers methods are anonymous.


  • Becky

    With one, two, and three reports per day, it’s time for another photo op of the Mayor and Police Chief telling us violent crime is down in Positively(?) Richmond in Government/Media, Inc. Time for the Police to hide and cover up public information obtained in the performance of public duties, paid by the public.

  • Kim

    Get a life. Why dont you go down city hall and make a change instead of talking about what the mayor and police chief are doing? They are human just like you. You think you can do better? Go ahead. You seem to be an illiterate old lady with nothing to do but complain about govt. Go volunteer somewhere.

    • manalishi

      “They are human just like you.” No they are not. You have formally endorsed a subculture of corruption and complicit failure (tolerance). Your mitigation of the Jones gang says who and what you really are as a person.

      Some people don’t know when to f-off, they have to be told,,,and you still don’t get it.

      • KIm

        man, shut your dumb a** up and sit down somewhere. “They are not human”. How are they not human? Humans are not perfect. You also have the same opportunity Jones did to run for mayor. You choose to sit back and complain and nobody cares about anything you say. You will never make a difference. You are just a bunch of talk. You are complete trash.

      • manalishi

        Now why would I run for mayor and have s**t like you as a constituent? As history and fate would have it, plantations were owned and operated by democrats. Therefore, an independent conservative.would never be allowed

      • kim

        Ok, so do you live in the city? If so, move. If you don’t live in the city, stay or of city business. Easy fix. There. Get it? Got it?

    • Johnson

      I see that Boss Hogg’s hit squad has descended on this page to spray their ghetto garbage everywhere. No wonder all the real people in Richmond hate this gangster mayor and his thugocracy.

      • Clayton Bigsby

        We did Julie, hence the high crime and poverty. Enjoy that dump of a city. You’re perfect for it.

      • Johnson

        Who votes him in? He was selected by the Democratic Party and then he disqualified all his opponents from the ballot. He’s “elected” unanimously just like Stalin was. You might have remembered this happening during the last election if you had learned to read the news, but no one coming out of a Jones-controlled public school is able to do that.

      • Julie

        yes, I enjoy life everyday in the dump.

        Coming out of a Jones controlled public school? Nope, Jones wasnt mayor when I was in school. Guess wherever you graduated from wasnt so great for you to make such a dumb remark.

      • Johnson

        I don’t believe Richmond is a dump….but only because there are enough real people left here and because businesses and VCU are picking up the slack from our corrupt, incompetent, grifting city governnment. Richmond is succeeding in spite of Boss Jones, which is not to his credit.

  • sw

    Wow Kim, a little harsh don’t you think? Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? Becky is entitled to her opinion just like you are to yours. People are way too mean on here.

  • mbaker9105

    What sort of person would insult and have no respect for the elderly or free speech if they don’t like what’s being said? I certainly hope your job doesn’t involve the elderly, the sick, the disabled, or any type of customer service. Seems like you have some issues, and you might want to get some professional help for those, and also anger management. Sorry the rest of the world seems to be getting in your way, we apologize….

    • BO

      Kim is typical of the new people on here that get butt hurt from hearing the truth and call for censorship.

      • Troll

        No, Kim is absolutely correct. manalishi, BO, MBaker, SW, would prefer to hear vulgar trash talking nonsense that an honest and intelligent opinion. It is these type people who try to stifle intelligent and honest discourse. But then one can not expect much from most of the people on this board that spend so much of their lives commenting and opining on the internet.

      • Shelly

        Troll, wow, you really hit the nail on the head! Thank you. I so agree that manalishi mom failed big time. I feel sorry for him. And I know he will come back and says he feels sorry for me and blah blah. Some stupid remark that will make me feel even more sorry for him.

  • Adrienne Sydnor

    You see patrols in the daylight, but at night the police are nowhere to be found. God forbid your kids leave a toy outside…’s going to be gone. I can’t count how many shootings have occurred in my neighborhood since I moved back here in 2008. Some in broad day light, others after dark.This city is going to hell in a handbasket with a red gift bow.

    • BO

      Thats what you get every time when you live in diverse AKA ghetto slum neighborhoods or near them.There is no common ground between us and them.hate them like they hate you.peace is for cowards.

  • SMH

    At what point was it declared that Becky was an elderly woman. That’s how rumors get started. Her post sounds like an informed citizen. More than likely Kim and her defenders are members of the church he used to preach at. Dwight C. Jones can do no wrong. Go sit down somewhere.

  • Glen Allen

    And besides it’s not like you can hurt Mayor Jones’ feelings. Not while he is laughing all the way to the bank with the tax payers money

    • Johnson

      The worst legacy of the shameless grifter government under Jones will be his race-baiting and quick reliance on stirring up divisions every time he doesn’t get his way. My favorite was when he claimed the people opposing his ballpark scam were too “white”….when the only reason there’s a white bloc on the City Council is because Jones schemed to get rid of Marty Jewell, a black councilman who committed the sin of disagreeing with Jones…and when the opposition is black leaders who want the slave memorial…

      Everyone whose answer to the bottomless pit of corruption and incompetence that is Jones is to accuse people pointing it out of being “racists” should just go drink poison. Richmond doesn’t need this old battle to be fought again and again, but Jones doesn’t care if he destroys the city as long as it puts a nickel in his pocket.

      • manalishi

        Personally Johnson, i’m thinking your right about Marty Jewell. Jewell paid the ultimate price for being an honest person in a parasitic dump. Anyone who is interested in the common good of VA or Richmond would never stand a chance in an open election.

  • tom

    one more dead homie. ha ha ha. boring…zzzzzzzzzz. he homies..come up with someithing new for a change. like being productive members of society you useless apes.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      You’re such an idiot. You do realize people make comments to you just to hear your idiotic responses right. Never mind, please continue using your hood rat terminology . It a good laugh.

  • Tonya

    That’s because your homes are surrounded by trailers. Two white punks that share the same pea brain. By the way there are no busses riding past my HOUSE!!!! Another thing Kiss my A** Boyalishi.

  • kim

    Can we all just get along??? I guess not with people like racist Manalishi on this site. They need to ban you from here and from society

    • manalishi

      Democrats can’t stand anyone that just won’t comply. Good to see the big girl put down that sandwich long enough to post.

  • kim

    You are pathetic and a sad case. What does Democrats has anything to do with this???? You are the worst!!!

  • Kim

    Before you try to to post some non sense…….. I don’t want to hear it blah blah blah blah. Stop whining on every post

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