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Hopewell man convicted after using Facebook to arrange sex with teen

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- A 33-year-old Hopewell man will spend the next 10 years in prison for having sex with a minor he first contacted using the social media site Facebook.

Wayne John Winder pleaded guilty on Monday morning to two counts of using a computer to arrange a sexual activity and one count of carnal knowledge in court.

The mother of the 14-year-old girl said she had no idea what was going on until she checked in on her daughter's Facebook page. What her daughter's messages revealed made her call police.

"It was just a check and it just happened," the mother of the teen said. "The chat was left open, and I happened to see the whole conversation... The more you went back, the worse it got."

More than 150 pages of Facebook exchanges between the 33-year-old and the teen were printed out. Les Lindsey, with the Petersburg Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, said some of the messages were typical but that the nature of other exchanges were also sexual.

In court, it was made apparent that the pair met secretly several different times.

"It was disgusting, absolutely disgusting," Lindsey said. "The defendant was 32, she was 14. He took advantage of her, befriended her, looked at her weak spots, played on them - a master manipulator."

Because of a plea agreement, the teen did not have to testify. One of Winder's conditions of his probation will be that he is not to have any internet contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Still, this teen's mother is urging parents to stay involved with their child's social media, so as to ensure incidents like this don't continue to happen.

"I agree he got 10 years, so that's all fine and good... but who knows when he gets out, whether or not he will repeat and offend again?," she said. "So, if we can do anything we can to stop him, then that's what needs to be done to save another child."


  • waldo

    Parents, please keep an extreme watch over your children. It is ok to be “up in their business”. There is no reason to be sorry for “spying” on your kids or checking their social media . You may save them from scumbags like this. Cock roaches like this are everywhere…they must be exterminated.

  • Mr. Graves

    As a Father, I dread the years of my daughter becoming a teen. In this case I don’t believe he was a predator as some are but still was wrong. I commend the mother for doing what all parents need to do. In a society of modern day technology, we have to be eager and ambitious to protect our children. I will say we must not be overprotective because it will only be damaging when the child gets older. It’s sad that our kids are exposed to so much nowadays, the only thing as a kid and teen that we watched were G, PG, and mid teens PG 13 films. Not blaming the entertainment world because our parents were more strict to ensure that we did not get exposed to certain things. All in all, whether we like it or not, kids will do what they want to do no matter how hard we try to guide them. Fact of the matter is, we aren’t there in their teen years 24/7.

  • T

    Ummm, hello people she is just as involved as he was. Everyone wants to point fingers at the guy. But she could have said no. Right? She didn’t even have to respond to him. So instead of trying to find new ways to spy on your children how about you teach them to not be a skank.

  • Steel Mill

    As a father of now grown children, I think it is on the Parents to know where their teens are and who they are hanging with. The man should have known better, that said it does take 2 to dance…

  • Mike

    Defending him too huh? Wander why?!…..Even going as low as to say it takes two and that the teen girl should have said no. He didnt have any business trying dummies.

  • Ry-Shan Conaway

    i don’t think the man is right in anyway for messing with a young child but what about the girl? Im pretty sure facebook doesn’t force you to message anyone. She should be held accountable for her action as well. I also want to know where was the mother when her daughter was going out to meet this man. Maybe just maybe she instead of being disgusted she should be keeping better tabs on her child. And to Mike you must be one of the dummies you are talking about because she didnt have to reply to him at all there is a delete button nor did she have go and meet him on several occasion. Also if you want to go as far to say that he was forcing her she should have called the cops. its not that hard to press three buttons. Like i said im not defending him but in this day and age both parties need to be held accountable for their actions.

  • Kassandra

    If you live around Hopewell you’ll know that most of the girls there are thots. Everyone should know what that means .

    I know Wayne personally. And he’s not that kind of person
    And for him to plea guilty
    Shows he’s taking responsibility.

    There’s obviously details that aren’t shown on here so people shouldn’t always fill in the blanks to details they don’t know

    It takes two to tango

  • Kassandra

    Parent always wants to get mad at other people when its their kids doing wrong.
    That same girl can go and find another adult to do it with.
    And everyone would have someone else to call scum..

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