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Governor McAuliffe’s state budget vetoes rejected by House Speaker

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell ruled two of Governor Terry McAuliffe's vetoes out of order Monday including an item that would more easily allow McAuliffe to expand Medicaid on his own.

The ruling came during Monday evening's session to review Governor Terry McAuliffe's eight state budget vetoes from the past week.

On Friday, McAuliffe vetoed an amendment that would get in the way of expanding Medicaid without the GA's approval.

"I cannot idly allow unconstitutional actions to be considered by this body," House Speaker Howell said. "To do otherwise would be an unacceptable acquiescence of legislative branch authority."

In total, six of the eight McAuliffe's vetoes from last were upheld by the General Assembly.

Another veto - that dealt with the funding of state judgeships - was also ruled out of order by Speaker Howell.

Governor McAuliffe issued the following statement Monday.

“With respect to the Speaker’s ruling on my veto of the Stanley floor amendment, I am continually surprised and disappointed by the lengths to which Republicans in the House of Delegates will go to prevent their own constituents from getting access to health care. Instead of putting all of my vetoes through the process prescribed by the Constitution of Virginia, House Republicans robbed the voters of their voice by using a procedural gimmick to obstruct the normal legislative process where this veto was concerned. If my veto was as objectionable as House leadership claimed, they should not have had any difficulty overriding it in both chambers. Instead, the Speaker elected to exercise powers that the Constitution of Virginia reserves solely for members of the Judicial Branch.


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  • Becky

    Oh, Nooooo. He’s not just mad now throwing temper tantrums before his sponsoring media. He will be PC
    pissedoffroyally and will retaliate in accordance with Party SOP. According to SOP he Will EO or this will go to Federal Court, before set up Federal Judges specifically set up to mimic Federal Presidential Agendas.
    It’s the Precedence set by the President and this is his groomed party water boy..

    • Jay

      Impeach these Republican hacks. They just don’t get it. WE voted for change and elected a Governor who makes the PEOPLE his priority, not corporations nor loud fringe groups

      • Becky

        When the General Assembly was called into special session to approve a budget on March 24,
        the Democrats Recessed the Senate that same day – without ever taking up a new biennial budget. The House stayed in Richmond and completed their work approving a budget and sent it to the Senate on March 25. Senate Democrats refused to take up the House budget. For months there was no progress on the budget; no meaningful discussions on the budget. Within hours of Senator Puckett’s resignation becoming official, Senate Republicans exercised a rule that required the Senate go back into session and resume action on the budget. Democrat senators, who had strategically planned.. Vacations.. to force the budget to the last possible hours, quickly changed their plans. The budget passed the Senate by a vote of 21 to 18 and the House by a vote of 69 to 31. In a matter of hours, Senate Republicans accomplished what Senate Democrats had refused to do for three months: approve a budget. SOP for Democrats to whine, cry, and blame

      • athynz

        So it’s okay that McAuliffe is attempting to implement a measure that would go around the General Assembly? Sure, let’s just do away with all of the checks and balances.

  • Shelton Dominici

    What a tool and puppet of the special interests! Bring it, Howell. The Republicans are making the same stupid mistakes on the state level they made on the national level when they caused the federal shutdown. Good – the people will rise up at the ballots because their needs aren’t being represented. WE, THE PEOPLE will not acquiesce to a plutocracy!!

    • B Addy

      The pitiful excuse we have masquerading as potus caused the shutdown Shelton. Your “needs” aren’t being represented?? How many handouts do you want? Thank you House of Delegates for keeping this carpetbagger in check !

    • athynz

      Actually it was the Democrat-controlled Senate that kept rejecting bill after bill from the Republican-controlled House. All that illustrated is that neither side is willing to get off of their rear ends, swallow their pride, and work with each other. Every single incumbent needs to go the way of Cantor and we need term limits on all elected positions so that these leeches cannot make living off of taxpayer money a way of life.

      BTW did you take note that one of the items ruled out of order was an measure that would allow McAiliffe to bypass the General Assembly? Why is it okay to attempt to bypass the system of checks and balances?

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