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Beer run at the beach lands Central Virginia teens in jail

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HORRY COUNTY, SC – A group of Central Virginia teenagers arrested early Saturday morning in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were riding around in a pick up truck full of beer.

“I observed a 2002 GMC Sierra pick-up truck with 13 individuals hanging out the back bed of the truck. I could see open containers in the hands of several individuals and open cases of Bud Light in the back of the truck,” a North Myrtle Beach police officer wrote in the arrest report.

“Inside the truck was an open case of Michelob Ultra and an unopened can of Old Milwaukee’s Best in the glove box, as well as a beer bong in the backseat,” the report continued. “In the bed of the truck, I discovered open cases and cans of Bud Light and Bud Light Lime, as well as open bottles of liquor.”

All the teenagers, except for the driver, admitted to the officer that they had been drinking.


The 16 teenagers, many of whom were from New Kent County, were arrested and booked at the Horry County jail between 1:30 and 3:30 a.m. Saturday. All were released on bail later that morning, according to the sheriff’s department website.


  • TylerNo

    Lol they all go to my school y’all need to calm down they drive leffectly fine while they are drunk.

    • Smarter than u

      Really and when u or one of them wind up dead or killing someone or in jail would that be perfectly fine. How bout if they hit and killed your mom or dad would that be perfectly fine. Smh

  • Debbie

    Oh my goodness shame on everyone who commented here, they could have killed someone! Are you crazy I understand they wanted to party but not in a pickup on the road!!! Crazy people!

  • ADAD

    1st some of these young people who are shown here WERE NOT DRIVING OR IN A VEHICLE in which CBS 6 News has incorrectly indicated. Wrong for drinking under the age… bet! Wrong for CBS 6 to post these pictures with this story and wrong information……ABSOLUTELY!!!!

    Some of these kids got in trouble WALKING from house to house. Again wrong to be drinking in which they have and will deal with once the court date arrives however CBS 6 shows POOR TASTE and JOURNALISM in placing these young people on display!

  • Reasonable Guy

    Honestly I’m shocked that this is considered a newsworthy story. So what if some kids that were probably pretty close to the age of 18 drank in the back of a truck with an allegedly sober driver? I’m sure all the parents complaining in the comments section here did very much the same thing back when they were seniors in high school. The only difference: it was legal to drink at 18 back then. This, everyone, is a textbook consequence of what happens when we allow Political Action Committees (PACs) to take on too large of a role in our politics. As sorry as I feel about the parents who are a part of organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, these kinds of groups have completely warped the American perspective on drinking incidents. ABC officials are becoming more militant, cops are becoming more aggressive, and of course, the underground high school drinking culture has become more and more extreme as an act of rebellion against a society that’s “just trying to keep people safe.” From my experience in other countries, no other developed nation (with the exception of one or two in the Middle East), seems to have such an approach to drinking regulations and seems to have such a stigma against drinking. The recent situation in Charlottesville (source: is a perfect example of cops getting a bit too crazy about the whole situation.

    If the driver really was drunk, we would have a different story on our hands. But at the same time, there’s no reason to completely destroy these kids lives just because they were doing something that was perfectly okay no more than 35 years. To all the parents on here, just think about where you were when you were a senior in high school, did the cops post pictures of your face all around town when they shut down one of your parties? Did they point a gun at you when they suspected you were buying a beer underage? Most of us are probably pretty detached from having these kinds of problems, and for a lot of us it’s probably difficult for us to understand these kinds of situations, but let’s all try to be a little more mature about everything and not place such a stigma on something so minor as this.

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