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Mayor Jones plans to continue pushing proposal for baseball stadium

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- The once withdrawn proposal for a new baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom is coming back. Today, Mayor Dwight Jones made it clear he was not going to back away from the Shockoe Stadium plan.

In May, Mayor Jones took his proposal off the table before City Council members had a chance to shoot it down. The plan called for building a stadium and ballpark in downtown Richmond.

Now, nearly a month later, Mayor Jones says he hasn't let go of the plan and is trying to find a way to make it work for everyone.

"We are continuing to work on an economic development plan that will expand the tax base for the City of Richmond."

The mayor said "yes" in response to CBS 6 Reporter Sandra Jones' question if the plan involved baseball. Sandra also asked the mayor why he thought so many Richmonders were against the proposed stadium in the first place.

"People are resistant to change," Mayor Jones said. "I think that's one reason - and you know, this is a big money deal."

Mayor Jones says he's keeping his eye on the 60 acres around the Diamond that is the considered prime real estate.

"So, what you're doing, is if you live in the City of Richmond is you're building county schools, you're building county infrastructure which is not a bad thing. I'm not against that. But we also need to take care of home."

A group of Shockoe Bottom residents and business owners showed their support of bringing more economic development to the neighborhood.

However, opposition against the stadium is still out there, too. Veronica Worrell lives in the area and said she thinks a new stadium is unnecessary.

"We really don't need it down there." Worrell said. "I think it should stay on the Boulevard."

When asked when the new plan is expected to be released, the mayor said "as soon as we can get it out."

CBS 6 will keep you updated on this developing story.



  • forgotten guy

    Jones needs to provide evidence that this formula has worked a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e else in the country…stadiums n-e-v-e-r produce an expanded tax base, and cost tens of millions per year in upkeep. The only people who want this ar the immediate profiteers.

    • Joe

      Maybe you’re incapable of peeling back the layers and digging a bit deeper into this issue. The city has NEVER claimed that the stadium would generate revenue for the city. It’s the development of the Boulevard site that will generate the revenue to cover both developments. The city of Richmond has a desparate need to find money for schools, roads, sidewalks, etc. The revenue can be realized by keeping retail tax dollars in the city instead of giving it away to the counties. Freeing up the Boulevard location for large scale retail development is an excellent idea and should be pursued. It’s really unfortunate that there are so many stupid people in Richmond that just don’t get it!

      • Tammy

        Exactly. Most people who frequent this site are too dumb to comprehend this. This site is full of red neck, racist, trash. If you’re not either of these things you shouldn’t be offended. If it doesn’t apply, key it fly.

      • mbaker9105

        And exactly what “large scale retail” would that be? Been by Stony Point lately? I don’t think you could position a City retail area any better than that for an opportunity to glean money from a county. What could Richmond possible put there that the counties don’t have already? And remember the Redskins development, the saying was “Build it and they will come”. Well, even if they came, there was general disappointment from the local restaurants and bars. They didn’t research enough to realize that the management was going to put their own approved vendors on site, and restrict the local businesses access. Did they really think visitors wanted to eat a little Chinese restaurant that is basically the same thing they have in their own town. What a surprise. And the Hotels did nothing to offer incentives that I saw to stay downtown. So of course the visitors probably generally stayed and ate where? In the counties, where chain restaurants and hotels were what they wanted. City officials need to quit lining their pockets, visiting other cities, and following these hit and miss developments (6th Street Marketplace, the canal, etc.) Here’s a thought: How about a poll sent out to homes in the entire metro region giving some choices and also take general input asking “what kind of attractions would bring to you to Richmond City?” and also “What is your opinion of the city, what keeps you from visiting, and how do you think we can improve?” The Richmond Govt needs to treat the city like a product, and learn and use some basic marketing skills, not just putting something out and pointing at it and saying “TA DA!”.

  • Glen Allen

    Richmonders are not resistant to change Mayor Jones, you have the very job you have because Richmonders voted to change their very form of government to include a popularly elected, at-large mayor serving as head of the executive branch. What many Richmonders do resist, is the fact that this boondoggle of a project defies the intent of the Virginia Public Procurement Act. Maybe, Mr. Mayor, you can explain to the people why you award contracts without going thru the public bid process? How is that beneficial to anyone other than you and your friends/sponsors Mr. Mayor? Can you, and will you, answer these questions, or will you remain known as a spineless, deceiving, self-serving politician?

  • Ron Melancon

    Just like our Governor it’s their way or the highway. Mayor the people do not want this in the bottom and they don’t want our tax dollars paying for a NUTZY baseball playground

  • Ron Melancon

    People if Richmond if he will not listen vote him out…you can do it!! We voted out Congressman Cantor who ignored us also and next is a supervisor in Henrico because they don’t listen also

  • Robbie

    There are a bunch of people standing to make a lot of money off this deal. The Mayor is a politician which means he stands to pick up some extra pocket change from his new best friends.

    • Glen Allen

      It is more likely that he has already collected the “pocket change”, and it is now time to fulfill his part of the bargain. A soul is a terrible thing to sell.

    • Becky

      It is Not covert corruption, collusion, waste, fraud and abuse, refusing government legal processes,Donors for Dollars, lobbyists, Developer Friends/Donors seeking pay offs, Big Corporates by Government, IF it is… Democratic. They ceremoniously get to be as illegal and lawless and unconstitutional as their President that set their Precedence.
      NO risk of any “Investigations” from Sponsoring Media or anyone else. NO Federal Investigations when it is Federally sponsored as Democratic new era governance. The Ramrodding Governor McAuliffe raises the Dysfunctional, Ramrodding Mayor of Failure Scandals to State Democratic Chairperson as Reward for Party total servitude in the
      Party Way. It’s Perfectly PC.

  • Roy Biv

    Kudos to the previous commenters. This thing reeks of shady, back-room wheeling and dealing. Maybe that’s why the Mayor has to have a police protection detail. LOL

  • Mark

    More money to be wasted on lousy changes. I mean over 40% of Richmond full of abandon places and run down dumps even downtown you see him fixing stuff? Jones is like Obama he doesnt know where put money. Not to mention Diamond is best where it is, its not to far from Carytown and people dont have to far travel. I mean people goes to games anyways arent really from the hood so that serves purpose to stay.

    Now if it was Redskins trash going downtown every hoodrat will be down there selling their weed cracking fart jokes. Richmond we dont need anymore vacant buildings and we sure in the hell dont need no overcrowded places

    • Kelly

      That is exactly why there is plenty of building and revitalization going on in the city, to clean up the blight. Can’t see where Jones is like Obama. Obviously, you just have a problem with black people …. Well too bad! Not far from carytown? So what! It’s not a comfortable walking distance. People don’t have far to travel? What are you talking about… carytown, Boulevard and shock or are close. You can basically get anywhere in Richmond within 10 minutes. What do people being from the hood have to do with it. Are you saying black people don’t like baseball or poor people don’t like baseball? You area very sad person trying to make these racist accusations. This site is full of racist people, but I’m glad that the peons on this site are a small fraction of the population. Stay on the Boulevard because people who go to the games aren’t from the hood? So only hood people go to shockoe bottom? That’s not what I see. In case your head is too far up your button white people sell and smoke weed too. Crowds is just what Richmond needs. It’s a ghost town.

  • John Hennessee

    I wonder if the Mayor will ever read this page and see the reality of his position. I can’t help but agree with those who believe that Jones has an unseen agenda that he isn’t sharing. I think it’s time to send Dwight Jones to play with Eric Cantor, remind him that he serves at the will of the people.

    • Glen Allen

      I agree John, but I don’t believe Jones can run for Mayor a third consecutive time anyway. He may however run for Governor, and that is when people have to remember his agenda is all self-centered

  • Becky

    Another Paid Political Advertisement in Partnered Venture Richmond/Government, Inc.:
    Richmond Times-Dispatch, Discover Richmond,, Style Weekly, Richmond Free Press, Richmond GRID,
    Richmond Magazine, RVA Magazine, RVANews, WRIC-TV8 (ABC), WWBT (NBC 12), WTVR-TV 6 (CBS 6),
    WCVE (PBS).
    The Democratic Party of Push, Ramrod, Bulldoze, Propagandizing Party Pravda, with covert operations, usurping
    and circumventing all government processes for Exclusive, Illegal, Over Rule, by Dictates, employing any tactics
    necessary, at any costs to Tax Payers, without their say.
    Because they are Positively(?) “good”, loving, kind, caring, and benevolent….unto themselves…for their enrichments

  • Cody Late

    Just legalize cannabis already! Learn fom Colorado, 40 Million in taxed profit off of sales, 6 Million was given back to public school, crime was lowered by 20%… all in one month. Then you could build a bigger stadium and bring in a pro team.

  • Daniel Beasley

    Who’s going to pay for the road improvements ? Both sites have to upgraded to handle the traffic, even with a HSR system.

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