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Elected officials firing off in response to state budget debacle

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --Governor Terry McAuliffe is being transparent about his disapproval of the newly passed "weak" state budget, saying some harsh words to Republicans in the General Assembly. McAuliffe says he believes the budget plan is not sufficient.

Republicans aren't being shy about speaking out on their opinion, either.

The biggest issue between the governor and the GOP has been focused on Medicaid. McAuliffe signed a line item veto on what he believes to be an attempt to block the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia.

Many elected officials have spoken about the debacle online.

Senator Mark Obenshain also had a lot to say on his Facebook page about McAuliffe's reaction.

Senator Mark Warner spoke to CBS 6 about the issue. Warner said he understands the governor's frustration, and that he was disappointed no compromise was made in the house to try to come up with their own plan for healthcare expansion.

"There was a bipartisan plan that came out of the Senate," Warner said. "I wish the House would come up with their own."


  • Ron Melancon

    Governor you are not a dictator. Some of us voted for you because you were better than the total failure if the Republican Ticket if Bill Boiling would have ran maybe a different outcome. I voted for you because I wanted to show the Republican you nominate complete fools and you loose yet somehow they think they can win nominating fools. We showed them we got rid of Linwood Cobb and we got rid of Congressmen Cantor so what does that mean? People will start to vote out political leaders who do not have the best interest for our future . Expanding Federal Government and endless benefits just for votes is robbing our children. If you can fully fund with no tricks than of it but if you are going to stick the bill to a future governor just so you can get the 30 second voter to vote for you shame on you

  • Glen

    Gosh why would wtvr want to delete all the previous comments? I guess people were expressing the wrong opinions.

  • Dan

    Medicaid is a total failure and complete waste of money. Why would anyone want to expand failure and waste? The only thing that needs to happen to Medicaid is for the program to be restricted!

  • manalishi

    Mark Warner does what ever the party platform dictates. He dumped most of his credibility to go “all in” for obozocare. Now he endorses a massive intrusion of even more federal corruption into our economy.

  • Becky

    Media posts Warner photo op because he’s “Pol-“I”-Ticking” as 99/100% per Democratic Party Operative.
    He serves and services Obama, Obama’s Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion, and the Democratic Push, Ramrod, Bulldoze, Overrule by Overstep, Executive Order Dictates. Democrats run their government in, by, and through
    their Media. Sponsoring Media is losing creditability as fast as the Politicians. Bipartisan and Objective, my arse.
    New era Governance/Media doesn’t follow mission, objective, codes, rules, regulations, laws, or government due
    process. They are a Paid Political Advertisement against it.

  • Becky

    Routine Childish Temper Tantrums, with ceremonious Blame Game, played out in front of sponsoring Media Outlets’ lights, mikes, cameras, and print., allowing Democratic SOP/MO/Mantra Lies. McAuliffe is really mad at
    Government’s due process because HE “Lost His Total Control of the GA” by his own party member, Puckett,
    Dare Objective “Investigative Media” to confirm or deny:
    Over the course of three months since the General Assembly adjourned in March, Democrat senators did little to reach a budget agreement with the House of Delegates. When the General Assembly was called into special session to approve a budget on March 24, the Democrats Recessed the Senate that same day –
    without ever taking up a new biennial budget. The House stayed in Richmond and completed their work approving a budget and sent it to the Senate on March 25. Senate Democrats Refused to take up the House budget.
    By not taking up the House proposal, something that initiates the process of negotiating a budget, the ordinary process that results in budget agreement was brought to a grinding halt.
    For months there was no progress on the budget, in large part because there were no meaningful discussions on the budget. Instead, a legislative standoff that came to resemble a high-stakes game of Chicken dragged on with no end in sight.
    Within hours of Senator Puckett’s resignation becoming official, Senate Republicans exercised a rule that required the Senate go back into session and resume action on the budget. Democrat senators, who had strategically planned… Vacations… to force the budget to the last possible hours, quickly changed their plans. The Senate was going back to work with all 20 Republican senators committed to passing a budget.
    The budget passed the Senate by a vote of 21 to 18 and the House by a vote of 69 to 31. In a matter of hours, Senate Republicans accomplished what Senate Democrats had refused to do for three months: approve a budget.
    (Ruff, House Rep)

    • Jay

      You ramble on and on. You need to take the time and rewrite your rants. Four to five sentences should. Very few are going to read your 2 page ramblings.

      • Becky

        Don’t need your editing or approval. This was from the Representative. Don’t even care whether you like it or not.
        That’s the problem. Democrats don’t care. They automatically believe anything the LIARS say, while throwing
        their little emoting, “feelings”, childish temper tantrums because they didn’t get Solely Their Way. They will do
        it against the Legislated Due Processes. If the LIARS told you a brick was bread, you would “eat it” , break out
        your teeth, and ask for “more Please”. Dumb & Dumber new era.

  • manalishi

    Too much Becky, the democrats just admitted that they don’t have the attention span to read.

    • Jay

      Smarter than you. Better educated than you. More informed than you. Better looking than you. Funnier. Happier and better liked than you.
      Liberal, pro-choice, agnostics RULE!!

    • B Addy

      It seems to work very well for them Becky. The low hanging fruit is the easy vote. Thankfully the House is telling this carpetbagger we have for a Governor to stick it.

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