McAuliffe passes budget with line item vetoes, calls Medicaid rejection ‘unconscionable’

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RICHMOND, Va. --Using terms like “Lies”, “Stubborn”, “Unconscionable”, and “Demagoguery”,  a stern Governor Terry McAuliffe came out swinging over Republican’s refusal to expand Medicaid in Virginia.

“Providing healthcare is a moral imperative,” says Gov. McAuliffe. ‘Once again the Republican leadership in the house of delegates said, “No”.

McAuliffe announced Friday that he will sign what he calls a “weak” budget passed by the General Assembly on June 12th, but stresses that the commonwealth is losing out on five million federal dollars daily thanks to the GOP turning their back on Medicaid.

“Virginians from every corner know that the lack of healthcare is hurting families. Stunting economic growth,” says McAuliffe.

Just days after the General Assembly passed its budget the Governor slashed many provisions with his red pen, including “MIRC” a commission which aimed to close the healthcare gap. McAuliffe called MIRC a Republican sham.

McAuliffe promises to go it alone on Medicaid.

“Let me be clear I am moving forward to getting healthcare for our Virginia citizens,” says McAuliffe.

Republicans are firing back. Sean Lansing with Americans for Prosperity says McAuliffe is flaunting his authority.

“It sets a terrible, terrible precedent. You’ve seen a constant overreach with the president and now you see the Governor of Virginia act in the same manner,” says Lansing. “He doesn’t care what the General Assembly says. He doesn’t care what the people of Virginia say. He is going to expand Obamacare Medicaid. Even if it means acting like a king.”

Political Analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth says clearly the Republicans will reject McAuliffe’s attempts at expanding Medicaid on his own and will not be surprised if they take him to court.”

“The battle has been drawn and it is becoming the signature battle of the McAuliffe governorship,” says  Holsworth. “I think it is going to be very difficult to find common ground on this issue.”

Governor McAuliffe says he will huddle with his team of secretaries this weekend and says Republicans should not be surprised if more vetoes come their way.

“I’ve instructed Secretary Hazel to have a plan on my desk no later than September 1st of this year detailing how we move forward in the face of demagoguery, the lies, the fear that have gripped this debate for far too long.”

Sec. Brown and Sec. Hazel and their teams have been told not to attend or assist in any of the MIRC activities.

McAuliffe also said he would be vetoing an appropriation that will allow Chesterfield County to partner with the city of Petersburg to address challenges confronted by the Petersburg schools. He says it presents a number of legal problems and bad precedence and frankly wasn’t requested by either locality.

The governor will also be vetoing the item that will take $4.4 million from the Federal Action Continuancy Trustfund (FACT ). Some or all of the money will be used to protect military facilities that could face federal cuts.

McAuliffe will be vetoing appropriation for the newly created Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council. The ethics reform bill that was passed by the General Assembly was "weaker than what Virginians deserve." He said it will be revised in the General Assembly in 2015. He said he and his administration and their family live under a $100 gift ban, others can.

Additionally, he will be vetoing language dealing with asset forfeiture settlements. He said the current language is "half-baked" and needs more work.

“As soon as we receive them, the House will review all of Governor McAuliffe’s vetoes on the budget bill passed by the General Assembly last week," wrote the House Republican leadership in a media statement. "The Constitution and Supreme Court proscribe specific limits on the Governor’s line-item veto authority. We will review these vetoes to determine if they fall within the narrow scope of that authority, and once that review is complete the House will act accordingly."

"We are prepared to challenge this blatant executive overreach through all available avenues, including the court system."

“Some of the other vetoes appear to be petty and politically motivated," the leadership continued. "Governor McAuliffe signed the bipartisan ethics bill; his decision to veto this funding is counterproductive and unnecessary."

After five and a half hours of debate last week, the Senate voted to pass the state budget along party lines 21-18, except for Sen. Lynnwood Lewis, the lone Democrat who backed the plan. The House of Delegates voted 69-31 to green light the budget just before midnight.

Officials said the budget answers the $1.5 billion revenue shortfall by cutting spending and utilizing some of the state’s rainy day fund.

The budget was passed after 20 Republican senators voted to include an amendment which would make any efforts to expand Medicaid by Gov. Terry McAuliffe difficult. Nineteen Democrats voted against that revision.

Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said Medicaid expansion will be closed out for two years because of the amendments.


  • Irv Blank

    I applaud the Governor’s veto. He was elected by a majority of Virginians to govern, not by gerrymandered minorities to reject reason, science, and math. The budget passed by the General Assembly is an embarrassment to our history and a disservice to our citizens.

    • mia mia

      He was elected by NoVA – attached at the hip to the Beltway. A Washington Post article I found JUST last night highlighted the people of Delegate Puckett’s Southwest District and the fact that a heavy majority don’t even WANT expanded medicaid. McAuliffe neither represents, nor cares about nearly half of Virginia… But in the end all I NEED is a JOB COME JULY 1ST!!! because banks and mortgage companies won’t take an IOU!! PASS THE BUDGET!!!

  • Daniel Beasley

    I’m sorry to have to disagree with people but at this time I don’t trust any Dem. in office and not many Rep. either.

  • Manny

    Maybe he vetoed for good reasons. Maybe they added those amendments for good reasons. None of then ever show you why.

  • Robbie

    Programs like this and so many others are wasting billions of dollars a year. There are some that need assistance but many don’t. If you are able to work but are on assistance then the state should provide ways to occupy your time meaning, picking up trash, painting, cutting grass, you know earning what you get. Drug testing should be required. Now before you call me names for singling out blacks, whites also use drugs. People have come to expect the government to take care of them. I’m sorry but I disagree.

  • Jay

    The Governor is doing exactly what the majority of Virginians mandated. Smart government for the benefit of all. The Right will go down with their extremist Tea Baggers and still not understand that We want all people to have access to health care. How is it morale to deny innocent children coverage and care?

      • Jay

        It is a fair price to be part of a humane and moral society. We, the People, take money to pay for the safety, opportunity and benefits of being in America.

      • manalishi

        JAY, keep your panzy a** socialist/marxist feelings out of my wallet. You have no problems with taking food out of 1 family’s mouth to stuff the face of your peers. If you cannot pay for this out of your own wallet,, don’t be a scavenger or or pick pocket at the behest of your masters. I don’t see any “tea baggers” begging for money. Seems as if you the “extremist”.

    • Manny

      Libtards never understand that things cost money. The system will crash. Then care for none. I can barely pay my bills with my Obama care increase and I voted for him. What will it cost to add all these new people. It’s simple math not a left/right/morale argument.

      • Troll

        You can barely pay your bills because you are an idiot getting paid what you are worth. manny is probably manalishi. In any case, you need a whole lot more knowledge, or an IQ more than athynz has, before anyone takes you seriously.

    • Heather

      Why should I as a single parent have to pay for someone else besides my own children? I struggle as it is and I don’t get help from anyone but I should have more money taken from to help someone else? Please explain Jay.

      • Troll

        Why should I have to pay taxes for the school your child uses? Why should I have to pay twenty times the taxes you pay? It isn’t my fault you are a single mom. I will never understand how some people like you can be so simple minded Heather. You might want to get together with manalshi. Together you will have lots of ignorance and hate to live on.

  • Daniel Beasley

    Is it fair for a min. wage worker to have to pay for all of a politician’s health care. I don’t think so. No more lifetime appointments to any office, unless an emergency in that area exist.

  • Becky

    McAuliffe has been groomed, trained, schooled and financed to be Obama’s Mini Me in Virginia
    that is under Democratic Attack. Puckett ruined McAuliffe’s “Take Over of the GA” and he’s MAD
    and “acting out” in true childish Democratic form, format, SOP/MO. Democrats just do not accept
    legal, enacted, forms of Governance by the Legislature IF it .has not be fixed and set up to suit
    Democrats, Exclusively. They refuse laws, enforcement, Constitutions, Legislature.

  • Becky

    The childish Democratic “Heads” hold standard to their developed Blame Game for all Occasions.
    Over the course of three months since the General Assembly adjourned in March, Democrat senators did little to reach a budget agreement with the House of Delegates.
    When the General Assembly was called into special session to approve a budget on March 24,
    the Democrats Recessed the Senate that same day – without ever taking up a new biennial budget.
    The House stayed in Richmond and completed their work approving a budget and sent it to the Senate on March 25.
    Senate Democrats refused to take up the House budget. By not taking up the House proposal, something that initiates the process of negotiating a budget, the ordinary process that results in budget agreement was brought to a Grinding Halt.
    For months there was no progress on the budget, in large part because there were no meaningful discussions on the budget. Instead, a legislative Standoff that came to resemble a high-stakes game of Chicken dragged on with no end in sight.
    Democrat senators, who had Strategically planned.. Vacations.. to force the budget to the last possible hours, quickly changed their plans with Puckett’s resignation. Ruff, House Representative)
    McAulife couldn’t strong arm Puckett for “McAuliffe’s Take Over of the GA”.
    McAuliffe is 99/100% Pure, groomed, trained, and financed Obama Operative that is Party
    required to LIE/BLAME as SOP/MO. It’s what they do. It IS who they are and it is transparent
    through repetition, throughout the Party at local, state, and federal echelons..

  • B Addy

    Obstruct this carpetbagger any way you can. He could care less about the Commonwealth or it’s people.

  • Tina C.

    The Republicans cannot help but discriminate against poor people. They live in their exclusive suburban neighborhoods and don’t have to worry about health care because we the taxpayers are paying for it. They got what they wanted by bribing a Senator to resign his seat i exchange for a cushy state job and a judgeship for his daughter. I read that the FBI is investigating and I hope somebody goes to jail. Anyone who dies because of their refusal to expand Medicaid their death willbe on the hands of the Repulicans in the General Assembly!!!!!!!!

    • manalishi

      Blah Blah Blah. I pay my own insurance. If you paid your own, you wouldn’t support another deadbeat either. Your just standing there begging for another freebie. democrat would starve their children and die from lack of healthcare if someone wasn’t toting their water for them.

      • Angela

        I pay for my insurance too but Va needed to expand Medicaid. You have kids out there working and don’t make enough to be able to pay for Obama care as no tax credit…they don’t qualify for medicaid so they have no insurance. If they aren’t in school full time then they can’t be on their parents insurance. Va needed to expand medicaid like the majority of other states.

      • manalishi

        Kids? seriously? the ones that are the most healthy and refuse to pay for Obozocare? If Jobs can’t/don’t pay enough, then maybe jobs should be priority 1. But they are not, at least not to democrats.

    • athynz

      Yeah you do know that liberal congressmen get the same things right? They get their wages, insurance, and other benefits paid by We The Taxpayer.

      • Troll

        Of course they do IDIOT athynz. It is part of their congressional pay package. Are you related to manalishi, the other low class idiot?

      • athynz

        David try – TRY – not be a complete dumba$$ and read the post I was replying to first before you shoot off your keyboard and show how ignorant you really are. The relevant part of the post I replied to: “TINA C.
        The Republicans cannot help but discriminate against poor people. They live in their exclusive suburban neighborhoods and don’t have to worry about health care because we the taxpayers are paying for it.” Then again you are blinded by your messiah and his faithful – just as you always have been.

  • Becky

    Ah, yes, We SEE, transparently, the Queen & King’s elite, entitled lifestyle of the rich and famous. We see the life style and life style choices of his all his political “heads”, friends, donors, cohorts, Corporates, lobbyists, Hollywood Political Industrial Complex and “celebrities”. No cut back or
    self sacrificing from the Democratic “Heads”. for those they play up and solely use and abuse for VOTES. McAuliffe can Connections call in the Feds to investigate his own party member. The same Feds that have Correctly and conveniently “lost” the Fed Investigation of McAuliffe.

  • Becky

    Wonder why Omnipotent Obama & Democrats like McAuliffe don’t lovingly, caringly, and benevolently bestow all their Fund Raising/PAC Auctioning Bounty to solve the problems they cause; and help their always touted, but always used and abused, poor Americans. They purposed
    the War on Poverty sixty years ago and are obviously calling it a Failure, themselves, today.

  • Becky

    If after enactment, Obama tweaks, manipulates, contorts, twists, and construes for his favorites and
    election evasions of truths and realities, why can’t he twist it for these caught up in yet another Obamacare Oops.
    It’s his namesake, let him be responsible for it. Let him fix it with his no rules approach.
    He seeks to serve and subsidizing Obamacare Failure with Medicaid.

  • Big Haus

    Our Gov is a flaming Butt Pirate and I am disgusted by the way all these ignorant dems abuse the law and tell lies in order to get what they want. As soon as anyone stands up for what is right, these loin latherers cry foul stating they are being discriminated against. What a bunch of tards. IMPEACH THIS EVIL MAN!!!

  • Jay

    Gosh…here I am with a great education(BS and MBA….thank you VCU) and plenty of work experience…able to retire when I was 52….no financial nor emotional issues(well, little ones,….I am human) and I am glad to contribute 20%+ to our Society…I just don’t need a plastic bracelet or t-shirt to tell everyone how wonderful I am…shut up; pay your taxes and be glad you live in the USA.

      • manalishi

        I already paid your sister, now you want in on the action? Yes i have self interest, It’s called independence, you must be unfamiliar with it. Socialism/marxism isn’t very American.

  • angel2

    I’m on disability. I can’t get Medicaid because I have a whopping $395 in my IRA. I save that for emergencies…like car repairs. God help me if my fridge dies. I wake up every morning and thank God I have a bed in a home (although in need of many repairs). I have a/c (not serviced in 4 yrs. — but it’s working for the time being). Because of my med costs, behind in rent, electric and emergency cell phone bill. Please don’t tell me to get a job at McDonald’s or Walmart. I have COPD and painful arthritis…plus, I cracked 3 ribs a few years ago…and they never healed right.

    • manalishi

      So angel, which would you prefer. Would it be a job that pays the bills (including insurance)? Or should everyone else support you? I’m not trying to be mean, but big government traded good jobs for section8, obamaphones, and healthcare for illegal aliens first.

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