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Feds scrapping plan to house illegal immigrant children at St. Paul’s College

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Va. (WTVR) — The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that federal officials are tossing out plans to shelter hundreds of illegal immigrant children  in Lawrenceville.

A health department spokesman issued a statement Friday:

"We have heard the concerns of many of the residents and leaders of Lawrenceville about the proposal to temporarily care for unaccompanied children at the now-closed Saint Paul's College. We have taken this proposal off the table and will move on quickly to identify other sites to temporarily house these vulnerable children."

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services held a public forum about housing the Central American children on the vacant campus of  St. Paul’s College. Hundreds packed into the Brunswick County High School auditorium to discuss the potential plan.

For the most part, the public was not interested in asking questions as much as they were expressing their overwhelming opposition to the plan. Government officials told CBS 6 that the opposition was heard loud and clear and that the plan would not progress without the public’s support.

Many are already speaking out about the decision. Senator Mark Warner said that the DHHS made the right decision.

"Collaboration and local support is absolutely key for the success of a project like this."

Stay with and watch CBS 6 News for updates on this story. 


    • B Addy

      Legally Ted. You have some extra beds right?? Call the Dept. of Health and Human Services I’m sure they will let you house as many as you want.

    • EMBuckles

      Scoop is that the average age of the “children” is 14 with some older. Some of them are members of violent gangs, so I have heard. If so, they will be acting in the manner of gang members and so forth. Some of them have diseases which they would be bringing here. Any families will likely be coming here. The best thing to do would be to use an money appropriated for their care to send them back to their nation or nations or origin, use the money to care for them there and to demand that the nation or nations involved take care of them with appropriate follow up to see that it happens. Plunking them down in the middle of a rural community like Lawrenceville or in an Appalachian community like Bristol, Virginia, as has also been considered, would only place great strains on those communities creating many problems. It is also time that the United States starts demanding that other nations take better care of their citizens, particularly the children, and use any foreign aid we send them to help do so or face getting it stopped.

  • manalishi

    Why don’t we just dump them off at Gilpin/Mosby and Petersburg and tell them “if you can take it, you can have it.” It’s like a functional entertainment and we will see who’s willing to work for it.

  • Becky

    Obviously, The Obama Administration is heck bent to be just as illegal and lawless as their favorite
    illegal and lawless foreign alien invaders. Someone will pay, one way or the other. Seems
    Obama cares for the welfare of terrorists and illegals. US legal, law-abiding, tax paying US
    Citizens, Country, Our People, Our Welfare…not so much. Use and abuse US, Illegally, to
    satiate Obama Dictates.

  • Becky

    Obviously, The Obama Administration is heck bent to be just as illegal and lawless as their favorite
    illegal and lawless foreign alien invaders. US Tax Payers will pay, one way or the other. Seems
    Obama cares for the welfare of terrorists and illegals. US legal, law-abiding, tax paying US
    Citizens, Country, Our People, Our Welfare…not so much. Use and abuse US, Illegally, to
    satiate Obama Dictates. It is illegal to tax to aid, abet, harbor and support what is known to
    be Illegal.

  • Glen Allen

    Do they honestly think any locality in the United States will want them? These children need to be at home with their parents, how can anyone think this is right?

  • Talia

    Obviously children in our country need help, but these children need just as much help. Just because they weren’t born here doesn’t mean that they deserve more than another child to waste away on the street with nothing and most likely die or be killed. People need to put their pride aside and start thinking about what’s best for another being even in a situation that’s out of their comfort zone.

    • manalishi

      Again, keep your feelings out of my wallet. Pay for them yourself or just go to the boarder and volunteer so the boarder patrol can do their real job. What could go wrong? TB? Chicken pox? 1 good case of scabies and you’ll get wise.

      • Talia

        Your opinion is your opinion, but I am baffled that so many in this country allow themselves to put their morals aside as well as what God teaches us and choose to take their anger, fear, and bitterness out on helpless children. There are organizations in place to help children in our country as I am a child that received help. I am an orphan and I was not neglected in this country and now have an adopted family and there should be no child that should be neglected. It doesn’t matter their race or country in which they are from. If their home country is neglecting them then there should be compassionate people willing to step in and help these children in need instead of leaving these children to suffer. Everyone deserves the chance to have a home, clean food, clothes, clean water, chance of receiving an education, even having a family! I would never wish someone to have a troubled life. A person is a person it doesn’t matter where you came from or your skin color and if someone does have a problem with that they should re-examine the situation.

      • manalishi

        Again, why aren’t you there giving your time, money, and children’s food to these ILLEGALS? You won’t do it, yet you demand my resources do? Your cheap hypocrisy is not my opinion, it’s your character flaw. Using god to perpetuate your spiel as a vehicle top create guilt is a democrat modus operandi derived from the indoctrination plan. F.U.

  • Follower of Jesus

    I am astonished at some of the comments here. Spend some time connecting facts. Why aren’t they home with their parents? Really? What would Jesus do? Have your read that some are trying to get home to their parents? They are fleeing war conditions and worse and most of them are considered internationally protected refugees. The landscapers, construction companies, painting companies food processing companies, farms etc that use the labor of their parents are not your target of hatred? Next time you buy a chicken at the grocery store maybe think about who plucked the feathers off so you could eat without the displeasure of doing it yourself.
    God forbid anything should happen to your livelihood or neighborhood such that your children were forced to flee for their lives. If my child was in such a horrible place or position and she fled to a Christian country, I really hope that a Christian there would care for her as both the Gospel and international treaties instruct. You may disagree with the method of providing them shelter and food, but do you disagree with taking care of children altogether? Anyone who teaches high school knows that a boy of fifteen is a child, thinks like a child, acts like a child, is not allowed to marry, drink, join the military, drive, etc. why? Because he is a child. Male brains don’t finish their growth and maturation until age 25. Females at 23. I hope you take some time to alleviate your fear and hatred and become a problem solver. Maybe your church can examine the reality for you here.

    • EMBuckles

      Based on what I read on the Bible, humbly speaking, I think that Jesus likely wants the nations of these children to take good care of them and stop causing them to end up in some other nation. I would also think that Jesus might want those deeply concerned about the children to become personally involved, willing to go to where they are to help care for them or to offer to adopt some of them. I think that Pope Francis and other spiritual leaders would like say the same thing. And if the children are going to be relocated outside their nation, relocating them around the US, in areas strange to them and in areas where they are going to be a severe strain on the local areas is NOT the best idea. There is no reason why these children cannot be returned to Guatemala, or wherever else they may be from, and cared for there. It is time for their nation or nations or origin to start taking responsibility for their citizens and children and not be pushing for the United States to handle their problems.

    • forgotten guy

      I suppose you are going to take several dozen into your home, and pay an extra 10-12k per year in taxes (per child)to offset the costs of their eduction, then? No?

    • Talia

      I completely agree with you! So many more people need to have this view in life about helping people, God and religion, children, and how to help people. Thank you for posting such truth and being willing to be truthful even though there are many who struggle with accepting it. (Follower of Jesus)

  • Buddy

    What’s next? A couple hundred thousand starving children from Africa? Who’s going to pay for all this? We don’t even take care of our own poor children in this country. There’s another agenda at work here.

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