65-year-old man claims CVS cost him his eyesight

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HOUSTON, Tx. (CNN) -- Claudis Alston and attorneys are demanding answers from a CVS pharmacy.

Alston was rushed to the emergency room after putting what he thought were eye drops in his eyes to treat a small case of pink eye. The prescription had instructions for the eye drops, but it turns out that CVS had actually given Alston a prescription for an ear infection.

Alston was rushed to the E.R. after using the drops. However, doctors say he is now blind in that left eye.

"We've heard nothing back from CVS," Alston's attorney said.

When contacted by the media, even the CVS Headquarters in Rhode Island had an official 'no comment,' saying that they can't talk about pending litigation. The statement that CVS sent to KHOU reads in full, quote, "as this matter involves pending litigation, we are unable to comment."

Mr. Alston's attorney is fighting for a  speak for a response and some kind of compensation from CVS.

"We hope the court system will bring some justice to Mr. Alston."

A court date for the lawsuit has not yet been set.



  • Love the day!

    The label said ‘ear solution’, but yet, the directions said to put in ‘each eye’. Don’t always trust the pharmacy….read the labels and ask questions about the drug and look it up on the internet before using! There is no excuse for the pharmacy to make such a horrible mistake! This man needs compensation from CVS!

  • KiloLee

    He doesn’t deserve an compensation. If you have an ear problem, why you you administer meds to your eyes?

  • sw

    Seems to me the man may have a case against the Doctor and CVS possibly. It is very possible the doctor wrote the script wrong and cvs filled it exactly how it was written and missed the mistake.

  • Responsible Adult

    Even if he did put ear drops in his eye, he would not have been blinded, especially after one dose. Sounds like someone trying to make a quick buck at CVS’s expense. Ear drops are formulated now to be more compatible with the eyes for just this reason. The bottle in question would also clearly say “otic” on it, granted he may not have read the label, or the bottle, or the box, or the receipt. Take some responsibility for your own actions people.

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