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Feds hear opposition to plan to house immigrant children at St. Paul’s ‘loud and clear’

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Va. - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will make a decision fairly quickly about whether to move forward with a plan to house illegal immigrant children on the campus of the old St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville.

"We're regrouping and assessing what happened last night," an HHS spokesman said.

The plan is currently on hold after hundreds of people packed inside a Brunswick County High School auditorium to talk about the controversial plan.

Instead of asking questions, the hundreds of people that showed up to the meeting voiced their opposition to the plan, and the government tells CBS 6 investigative reporter Melissa Hipolit they heard their opposition loud and clear.

There is still a lease in place between the college and the government, but that could change.

The vast majority of residents who showed up to the meeting voiced their overwhelming opposition to the proposal.

“We don't have nothing for our children here, but yet we can bring other children here and house them,” one woman said.

“We have a perfectly good mothballed ex-prison next door,” another woman suggested to the feds.

“Please take your UAC's, locate them in DC where you can keep a very close eye on their welfare rather than putting them in our backyard,” one man said referring to the illegal immigrant children.

The plan is currently on hold and the DHHS, which is legally responsible for the kids, said it will not move forward without the public’s support.

In fact, the feds admitted to the crowd there were communication missteps in rolling out the plan.

“We do apologize for the fact that you heard about this project too far along,” Kenneth Tota with the Office for Refugee Resettlement said.

The feds addressed concerns about safety by telling everyone Homeland Security would monitor the facility.

“The children coming here are screened, so they are not coming here with a criminal background,” Tota told the crowd.

The historically black college shutdown last June and has been put up for auction.

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  • Becky

    Odd, HHS put out a Contract in January to take of this, their own, covert, created, orchestrated operations, to fly in illegal invaders now and take care of their every need. Disgraceful that this new era Government’s Dictates have No Respect for legal, law-abiding, US Citizen-Tax Payers, Laws, or Enforcement Responsibilities and does whatever it wants, however it wants with Our Money with total disregard for Our Say.

  • Glen Allen

    Personally I do not think these children belong here, and I do not think we should be accepting them. Do they have medical records etc?. Anyway, while I do not think we should be accepting them, if the US Government is set on doing so, and if they are going to be housed somewhere, this may be a good way to generate some revenue from an otherwise empty eleven-building campus is situated on 185 acres of land. If the Feds want this, STICK it too’m good.

  • manalishi

    Send the ALL back. Pas, present and future. We have done it before, we ca do it again. We have enough resources to send back illions and stabilize our economy, the only hold up are those bent on breaking what little is left.

    • Jammed

      Illegal immigrants add much more to our economy than they take away from it. You’d know that if you spent more time reading and less time being an unfunny local news troll.

      • manalishi

        Is that why you father abandoned you? What do they add to the economy? Fed & state tax? Soc-sec? Property tax (VA)? Your mama failed.

      • B Addy

        Look at the first word in your post. And I do appreciate that you did not use the word undocumented. They are illegals and no matter how much you think they contribute, they drain much more from local and the federal govt. Just like when 16 yr old girls have 5 kids from 5 different “donors” what a drain on society. Take the $ and use it to help the AMERICAN citizens of southside Va.

      • sgordon1214

        You’re wrong. I work in public education. These people may make 5.00 an hour if that, under the table. They shop at walmart and yardsales. They have medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare checks, free public education, free school lunch, and on and on. They take much more than they contribute.

  • Gail

    They need to turn the kids away & not even let them cross our borders. They are undocumented foreigners who will further stress a welfare system already stressed to almost the breaking point! We have tons of kids here in the US already not being taken care of. Either the parents don’t want to care for them or are unable to take care of them!! We need to start taking care of our own long before we attempt to take care of the rest of the world!

  • Vonn

    everyone commenting want the government to help them. yall been living in a free country all your life and you cant take care of yourself? everyone is afforded the same opportunity what you do with it is your business. those kids should be able to live a free life also. i bet if they were planning to send everyone in Brunswick a check they wouldn’t mind the kids staying. its sad that everything is about money with U.S. citizens. it is sad that none of you have a heart. How are they harming you all? answer that question for me please.

    • manalishi

      “How are they harming you all? answer that question for me please.” Who’s paying for them? Obviously you don’t pay taxes otherwise your tripe would have never made script. We already pay WAY too much for services rendered to those who do not pay in. Not another dime,,,,,especially to lawbreakers regardless of age.

      • Vonn

        i pay taxes, that’s the least of my worries. it’s a part of living in the u.s. and if they stay here long enough they’ll be paying taxes too.

      • manalishi

        Doubtful, but if you are, you need to pay more and stay out of my wallet as**ole! I’m not your family, I din’t owe you or your feelings s**t. Neither does any other self respecting working person in this country.

  • Becky

    The Obama and his Administration did, decisively, deliberately, and intentionally set up, orchestrated, pre-planned,
    and covertly carried out starting with bids in Jan, in this scheme, con, hoax, fraud, and illegal activity against US Legal, law-biding, tax paying CITIZENS.
    It IS Illegal to Tax to aid, abet, harbor and support what IS ILLEGAL, including a Illegal President.
    There ARE Laws Against what he IS Doing.

  • Nat Wilson

    Amazing how much hate there is for innocent children. These are not criminals. They will not be there permanently.They are bringing them just to get them up off the concrete floor while they are reprocessed to their home country. Again, these are kids.

    • Nat Wilson

      P.S. There is a difference in law between an illegal immigrant and a refugee. Im just sayin.

    • sgordon1214

      By all means, if you feel so strongly, take 10 or 20 of them into your home. After all, you said it’s temporary, and the govt says it will only be 5 months….like they know what the hell they are doing.

  • BeFair

    If you cry “send them back”, you’re called a racists or have no heart for innocent children. These are innocent children set up by their adult peers to send them to America to be financially supported. In the U.S., American born children are struggling in poverty, live in foster care, don’t have parents who don’t want them. This country can’t continue to be a safe haven for illegal immigrants but send other groups of immigrants back to their homeland. Here’s the rational decision, “send these children back to their home land”. 47,000 will continue to swell, what we going to do with that!

  • BeFair

    America, if you house these illegal immigrants, then we must be fair to others who live in poverty countries and tried to get the U.S. and get sent back before they put foot on solid ground. Send these children back!

  • BO

    If the home countries don’t come get their kids in a week sell them to Arab brothels.They won’t cross our border again.

    • manalishi

      Bath house Barry Soertoro knows where they are! Send the illegals to afghanistan to wipe out the taliban, and iraq to crush ISIS (al qeda) to claim their own country!

  • Ros laca

    Put them on a bus for Mexico or a plane for Central America. They are illegals……..are they smarter than the US government? Send the kids as the anchor and the whole family will follow…….free everything! Or, make them all citizens of New York State and let them take care of them

  • dmac

    Wow, Bo, really!!! These are just kids grow up man!! I see in some way shape or form why the govt has not just sent them back. They are not working with the south american govt to find out who these kids belong too. And in some respects if the kids are too young to tell them, (who there parents are) they will never know. And if they are old enough to speak out. They wouldn’t due to fear of there families getting in trouble for sending them in the first place. We all know why they sent them. Yes its not our responsiblity to take care of these folks. But they are here and for us to turn our backs on anyone. legal, illiegal or whatever is morally wrong. Especially children. Jesus didn’t turn away the sick and hungry. He embrassed them.

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