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Virginia Supreme Court upholds Capitol Square gun ban

Violent home invasion leaves New Kent man bleeding from head

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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. – Investigators are looking for the person behind a violent home invasion reported in the Lanexa area of New Kent. A woman discovered the victim when she returned to her Rockahock Road home Tuesday afternoon.

“The caller reported that she had returned home to find that a male at the location was bleeding from the head and it was reported that it appeared that he had been hit by someone,” New Kent County Sheriff Wakie Howard said in a statement. “At this time this office does not believe this is a random act.”

The victim was flown to VCU Medical Center for treatment.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call New Kent Sheriff’s Office at 804 966-9500 or Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at 804 780-1000.


  • Robbie

    And the description of the perpetrator is??? I noticed WTVR and their liberal ways are not letting people comment on some stories anymore. Mostly stories about African Americans. Imagine that!

    • Troll

      Many idiots, like you and manalishi, should not be allowed to litter any comment board. It doesn’t have anything to do with Liberal or Conservative. It has only to do with the minimum intelligence you lack.

      • Robbie

        Obviously you are African American and don’t see the injustices committed against white people every day. The liberal media does in fact report stories differently due to race of the individual. You are of course blind to the truth because you and thousands of others think I owe you. I owe you nothing.

    • kitty

      So… I guess the reason for this comment…your assuming it’s a black person that did it……and we never say we’re owed anything white people made that up…..I wish they close all comments for stories…. so those with race issues can shut the heck up…none cares how you feel…. find a hobby


    Robbie is a dumb a**. No comment was made by Robbie or Manalishi when the white man murdered his family. Not a single word. It is so easy to sit behind a computer or on your phone and talk mad sh** because no one knows who they are. So Robbie shut your bytch a** up

      • Troll

        Robbie’s comment sounds too much like manalishi (roger) for it to be anyone else. Robbie is manalishi/clayton rigsby/ roger. Roger is his true name. But can not divulge his last name or address for fear he would be visited by passionate justice seekers.

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