‘Sexy’ mugshot goes viral on Facebook

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STOCKTON, Calif. - A mugshot posted by police on Facebook has gone viral. Police in  Stockton, California arrested four men during a gun sweep Wednesday. Police posted pictures of the suspects and weapons on Facebook later that evening.


But it's one particular mugshot that grabbed the attention of Facebook nation.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, is a convicted felon who now faces felony weapons charges. He also has a legion of new fans on social media enamored by his mugshot.

"Omg he's waaaaay to sexy to go in a cell," Wiha M. posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. "Bring him to me I'll lock him up."

"He's too sexy to be in jail," Vania T. chimed in.

Others are not so quick to fall for the felon.

"Seriously, he got arrested for a weapons charge," Rebecca P. said. "Sure he may be cute, but some of the cutest guys are probably psycho killers or illegal gun salesman or something. Get your head on straight."

"Take away his baby blues and he is just another guy," Tracie B. added. "Besides looks are not everything the guys needs help he obviously has no self worth if he is in jail possibly looking at prison time. You all need to stop drooling and start praying for him."

Meeks' mugshot has been liked more than 13,000 times.


      • Wayne

        In sight? He’s being judged by his looks, not because of his weapons charge, and evidence of being gang related. He could be a master manipulator, and still be too “cute” for jail.

    • Manny Sr G

      a lot of superficial women out there to go after a man based on his looks and not a well to do man ! If women go after a man based on his looks,then they just don’t have much of a life !

    • Melanogaster

      6 years? You’re at least a 100 years off. Women have been swooning over various handsome criminals since at least Chester Gillette – and probably for a lot longer. And a brief review of internet comments about Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, or half a dozen other convicted women goes to show it’s not just women who should be “proud”.

  • Dee Radical

    Let a black man get caught with a gun & all hell breaks loose. But Jimmy can take his gun hunting & some how it ends up at a school. Come on people double standard here!

    • bchikygrl15@comcast.net

      What are you talking about? …this post has nothing to do with race. Needless to say, minorities are still oppressed more even in this day an age when equality should reign… But on the topic of this news article, yeah he’s cute and all but he was arrested on weapons charge. He needs help, and prayers, not to be cut loose just b/c he’s cute.

    • terry martin

      Get out of here with the race comments. You are one of many that make race hatred continue. Black people are oppressed……blahblahblah. ….shut up. Its 2014, the black race is killing one another in record numbers. Worry about that!!

  • Katie

    Lord have mercy! This guy is gorgeous! Why the criminal lifestyle when he should be walking the runaways and be on the cover of MAXIM!

  • carryann

    ha ha she said minorities are still oppressed ,are you kidding.They get more jobs,more funding,free education,support for children,lighter sentences all based on skin color.You goof ball.your race card is no longer activated clown


      Are you serious white people invented racism in America and you are still benifittng from your race card aka WHITE PRIVILEGE and white girls neve do any hard time.
      White people get jobs faster than blacks because of your skin color.
      Look at CBS6 white media ,what would they do if they didn`t have black people to show as crooks, getting handouts or uneducated.

      • terry martin

        You are sooooooo dumb. You, jessie jackson, al sharptard and all the race baiters need to go kick rocks.


    Carryann what are yu talking about. I work in the healthcare field and it’s just as many whites getting medicaid, foodstamps and other gov assistance than blacks. You have no idea!!!!

  • Manny Sr G

    john smith,how can you make a comment like that when you know nothing about Mr.Bigsby who by the way is out of a cell! sounds like you want him all to your self john smith !

    • Jay

      How is violence funny?
      Now, a few sharp slaps on your Love’s butt is totally different…………………..

  • sandra paiva

    you people making race comments are ignorant…. you do realize this guy is half white right? lol… I love it when people are half black and half white everyone instantly identifies them as black… perfect example is our idiot president.. when he was campaigning he was all about talking about his white family and how his white grandparents raised him but now that he’s elected he’s only black….lol….

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