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Keep these tips in mind during the extreme heat

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginian's Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Office has an important warning for drivers during this extreme heat.

On days like Wednesday, officials there say it doesn't take very much for people to get into trouble.

When outside temperatures are in the low 80s the temperature inside of a car can reach deadly levels in only 10 minutes, even when parked in the shade.

Safety experts said this is a good time to remind parents and caregivers to lock vehicles, including the doors and the trunk, when they are not in use.

Again that's another way to prevent kids from getting into an unattended vehicle when the temperatures are soaring.

Elizabeth Marshall, an area nurse, said when kids get overcome with heat they could likely experience confusion, they may see black spots, and may feel disoriented and nauseated.

Marshall said staying hydrated is the key. She said that when a person feels excessively thirsty, they may already be in the early stages of dehydration.