Twitter account @Eat4FreeOnMe dishes out goodwill, with free food

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RICHMOND, Va. – It started with hidden cash and now the freebies continue, with the latest Twitter account to join in on the giving; Eat4FreeonMe.

“I would like to remain anonymous; people don’t have to know who I am just that I am not a millionaire but a regular everyday guy trying to make an impact one free meal at a time.”

The person running the Twitter account is working with a team of people.  They go to locations ahead of time and prepay for a meal in advance. The team works with a manager or contact at the chosen location so that people can claim a free meal.

Sometimes there will be clues and sometimes there is a specific location named. On Wednesday the hottest day of spring, the account tweeted that the first 25 people to see Shane at Chick-fil-A would get a free ice cream.

As of 3:22 p.m., there are still 25 free ice creams available at the Willow Lawn Chick-fil-A location.

“I think it is pretty interesting, we will see where goes,“ said employee Shane Hill. He said he a man came in earlier today and paid for 25 ice creams.

The Twitter account kicked off Monday.  On Tuesday the account listed Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken as the spot, but no one claimed the prize.

“I just started this yesterday and I was inspired by the hidden cash drops here in Richmond,” wrote the person who launched Eat4FreeonMe.  “I don’t have tons of cash to leave hidden but I can provide a meal for someone.”

“People seemed to enjoy solving the mystery location, so it’s just my way of giving back.”

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