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Cross-dresser: I’m ‘not manly enough’ to keep gym membership

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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — A cross-dressing man says he lost his gym membership because he was not manly enough. The controversy centers on the use of locker rooms, and what makes other members comfortable. The former gym member shared his story with WGNO.

“I been this way all my life,” Slidell native Keegan Burnett said.

All Keegan Burnett wanted to do was get in shape. But soon after joining Slidell Athletic Club there was a problem. Keegan was allegedly denied use of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

“I should be able to use the men’s facility because I am legally a man,” Keegan said.

Despite the acrylic nails on his hands and feet, and despite the women’s clothes, hair and make-up Keegan identifies himself as a man.

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“I guess I don’t meet the standard of masculinity and they figured that I probably can just go anywhere and use the bathroom but not at they facility,” Keegan said.

He says the one time he went to the men’s locker room, he was met with physical and verbal opposition.

He took his concerns to management and ultimately lost his membership.

“I think what’s most upsetting is when you have a situation where someone is harassed by individuals and the organization or a company decides to take the side of the people who are doing the harassment,” Forum For Equality Executive Director Sarah Jane Brady said.

Sarah Jane Brady works to end discrimination in the LGBT community.

“There should be no way shape or form where someone should be asked to leave a health club or theater or a library or anywhere, restaurant because who they are; or who they’re perceived to be,” Brady said.

Keegan maintains he is a victim of discrimination.

“You have people come in here with purple hair, blue hair, green hair, piercing and tattoos all over. You don’t tell these people anything,” Burnett said. “I want to let them know that it’s not right. This is 2014; everybody have a right to be who they are.”

Clair says Keegan wanted to use the women’s locker room, but she simply couldn’t allow it. However, Keegan denies that claim.

Meanwhile, The Forum for Equality is working hard at the state level to end discrimination in the LGBT community.



  • Robbie

    WTVR, the liberal voice of central Virginia, will have reporters covering this story for months. That is IF, the club is owned by whites. They then have both of their favorite stories. White discriminating against black and white discriminating against gays. I can see the station general manager salivating now.

  • Jennifer

    Really?!?I don’t go around voicing my sexualuty and I feel no one else should. BUT….. READ the bible!!!!!! The word is alive today as much as it was thousands of years ago!!!

    • Robbie

      Just speaking the truth Tonya. One great thing about this country is that you aren’t forced to read my posts. Another is freedom of speech. Unfortunately for you, women have been telling me to shut up for years and that ain’t gonna happen. Stay sweet!

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