Chinese company to bring 2,000 jobs to Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. - A Chinese pulp and paper company will create 2,000 jobs in Chesterfield over the next six years after it opens its first U.S. advanced manufacturing operation, according to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's office.

The $2 billion investment by Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd.,  is the largest Chinese investment and job creation project in Virginia history, the governor's office said.

“An investment of this magnitude, with the creation of 2,000 new jobs by 2020, represents the largest Chinese greenfield economic development project in the United States, and shows how Virginia is leading the way in attracting innovative businesses to the Commonwealth," Governor McAuliffe said in a statement. "The opportunity to welcome a leading, global company’s first U.S. manufacturing operation and simultaneously strengthen Virginia’s relationship with China is invaluable."

Tranlin’s new facility will be located on an 850-acre campus in the James River Industrial Center.

“We are pleased that Virginia and Chesterfield County will be the site of our first U.S. advanced manufacturing operation,” Mr. Hongfa Li, Chairman and President, Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd., said in a statement. “Virginia has abundant resources of agricultural stalks, power and water supply, manpower, and a strong transportation system—all necessary tools that guarantee Tranlin’s future development."

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  • tom

    great. more uneducated people to add to the over crowded county. chesterfield has the worst planning. this county has over built and destroyed too much land for crappy shopping centers and housing no one wants. more lillegalls coming our way now

  • CJ

    Tom I bet your one of those that wouldn’t even bother to get off the couch to work .and has the nerve to blame others and immigrants for taking our jobs

  • Michelle. Williams

    Tom and jen yow two are to much (misery does lovecompany) i for one am glad to see jobs coming here for a change .thanks CJ


    CJ, you are probably right. Tom sound like a miserable fat a** who sit and complain about everyone else. Go an find you some Bon Bon’s fat a**.

    • Robbie

      Tonya, I have to ask…does the use of profanity in your posts indicate the way you were raised? I welcome your critique of my posts but the profanity only shows your true, racist self.

  • tom

    sorry to upset you all but i’m an in shape and successful. just don’t want more low paying useless jobs here like amazon has created. chesterfield is over built do to poor gov’t planning. too many kids in the schools and too many people on the roads. you all know the contractors who build these places hire illegals…so go screw yourselves with your high and mighty nonsense.

    • Robbie

      Or in other words…unemployment is a better alternative to actually working for an oriental. Not sure but I’m guessing that maybe racist thinking. Tonya, where are you? We needs your perspective own this.

  • Jay

    Times Dispatch gives better coverage of this story. The new paper plant will not use trees but will use waste agricultural products like corn husks. Not sure how illegal aliens figure into the story. 2,000 jobs with unknown pay scale is better than 0 new jobs with$0 pay.

  • Ronnie

    Get a job, get a paycheck and get a life! Life does exist off of a computer or cell phone. Exactly, put down the Twinkies, get off the couch and go earn a living like most people do!

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