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RICHMOND, Va. -- A heartbroken widow on a mission to help police solve her husband’s murder went back to the scene of the crime months later, searching for answers.

“I just want them to know he was a person and didn't deserve to die," Carmela McMurtray said.

Through her tears, she talked about her husband Lyle’s recent murder. His body was found in an SUV he was driving on May 31. Police detectives said the white Denali was parked near a light pole near Gilpin Court.

“He was suffering from multiple gunshot wound and died on scene," Sargent Rick Edwards explained to reporters. "At this point we are investigating it as a drug related homicide."

Carmela said she doesn’t know exactly what happened that night, and doesn’t know about his involvement in a drug deal. She described Lyle as someone who helped others.

“In Gloucester he did a lot with the homeless shelter. He helped raise money to get the shelter started.  He was their best volunteer."

"He went to church,” she added.

Monday afternoon, the widow, pregnant now four months, drove from Gloucester to Gilpin court with flyers in hand and hope in her heart. She is determined to find answers.

She erected a memorial complete with a collage of pictures of her husband and her two children.  Along with Richmond police detectives, the woman also went door to door spreading news about a $2,000 reward. Money raised through donations at

“He was 23-years-old. We had our whole lives ahead of us. Someone stole it from him. He’s never going to see his baby,” Carmela said.

Now, she’s hoping her story will soften someone’s heart enough to give police new leads.

“Even if it's a small thing, let us be the judge of what's important and what's not. Just provide that information and help us bring some closure to this family,” Sargent Edwards said.

If you know anything about this crime. Contact Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • kitty

    Sorry for your lost…but he was in a drug area.. white guy in a Denali and buying drugs whomever probably tried to rob him and he wouldn’t give it up…. my scenario…. everyone has secrets….

  • todd

    yea not to be blunt and I do realize your lost but this seems like a no brainer as to what happen.White,denali,in that neighborhood,at that time of night.I do realize they need to find the who though.Good luck on info coming from anyone that lives down there.

  • sw

    All of your responses are pathetic. Just goes to show how little our society even cares when someone is killed. I don’t care where he was, what kind of car he had or what color he was, there is no but here. He was murdered and didn’t deserve to be killed. That’s like saying a woman who walks around in a revealing outfit deserves to be raped. Stop turning this into his fault because some animal chose to kill him. As far as her getting information she just might. Maybe some drug addict needing a fix will call in some info for the reward.

    • manalishi

      Speaking of pathetic. I cannot help but wonder how you or the liberal media would respond if a modern day “Paul Kersey” shows up at Gilpin, Mosby, ect. and corrects the crime problem. Who would be the villian? Would it be mocked as a racial issue? Would parents start to raise their kids? Would a Paul Kersey be prosecuted or be given the medal of freedom? 2 things are for certain,,, he would not be raped for his revealing outfit, and community service would be served.

  • AB

    From what I hear he was a drug addict just like his sister. He may not have deserved to die but when you have that kind of lifestyle, bad things are going to happen.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    One time I went to that street while I was surfing around on Google Earth and I got shot at and got HIV right through my sail fone.

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