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Plan to use St. Paul’s College for immigrant kids on hold

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Va. -- Plans to utilize the defunct St. Paul’s College to house around 500 undocumented and unaccompanied children that are flocking to the US in states like Texas and Arizona have been put on hold.

This after locals officials objected to the idea and Rep. Robert Hurt sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell asking to agency to halt the process of renting the campus.

"This morning, I sent a letter to Secretary Burwell asking that her agency immediately stop their plans to locate at least 500 juvenile illegal immigrants on the campus of St. Paul's College in the small town of Lawrenceville. I made this request based upon the very serious public safety and public health concerns expressed to me by my constituents and their local elected officials over the course of this weekend," Hurt wrote.

Hurt said he first learned late Friday, June 13 that HHS had closed a deal to locate a juvenile detention facility in Lawrenceville. However, Hurt said he was informed late Monday afternoon that the HHS had "paused" the process and that the juveniles will not be transported to Lawrenceville this week.

"While this may be a positive development, I have yet to see any evidence that this means that HHS has rescinded its contract with St. Paul's College or that they are actually halting the implementation of its plan. In the event that HHS intends to operate in good faith, I would request that they completely halt the implementation of this plan and return to the drawing board. If the HHS plan is indeed good for the people of Lawrenceville and Brunswick County, then they should begin with a transparent and open process that includes the community and the local elected officials... ," Hurt said.

Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts announced earlier Monday that a community forum about the plan had been scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Brunswick High School auditorium.

Roberts said federal agencies will be on hand to answer questions about how the children will be cared for.

"Why not," Darien Taylor, an area barber, told CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George. "If they come for haircuts that will be great."

Taylor says the the feds have told the community that the project will bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent to St. Paul's, as well as an estimated 300 federal jobs.

But several community leaders have been quick to voice opposition to the plan - including the sheriff.

"I don't think St. Paul's College is a solution," Sherriff Roberts said.

"There is this negative perception of gang violence - these people are coming from Central America," Roberts said.

The historically black college shutdown last June and has been up for auction.


  • manalishi

    Brought to courtesy of Bath house Barry Soertoro and every other democrat that votes for it. Paid for by the WORKING people of the USA

  • jim

    What a terrible idea. Just stop them at the border and avoid being the most hated President in memory.

  • Ron

    Unbelievable this could happen in America, without any planning, permits, community or citizen input. The campus is unfence, just for starts !!!

  • Owen

    Why not renovate Brunswick Correctional Center, which is also in Lawrenceville, VA and is currently closed, and use it to house them. At least they could not wander off premises and no one could get to them to harm them.

    • Brad

      Exactly, and just because its a prison doesn’t make them inmates…. Another option is to temporarily house them at Fort Pickett. I guarantee that wherever they are held, there will be, at least temporarily, a potential health risk until they can be cleared medically. They could be sent to St. Paul’s and start learning English, America’s almost official language. Brunswick County’s kids could practice their Spanish with them. Oh, and also, after they are released from quarantine, tobacco picking season will be picking up…win-win for everybody!!

    • sandra burfield

      how about housing the homeless and training them to go back to the working world, send the little things home and let Mexico deal with them

    • J. Goode

      Ignorance? Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush did his a full 2 terms. This is why Brunswick County continues to fall.

    • J. Goode

      Wake Up. Its just called facts. Sorry, I don’t regularly watch Faux News or Rush LieBaugh. Obama isn’t to blame for this, but I’m sure you actually looked up the facts regarding deportation of illegal immigrants.

      • D. Simm

        Actually the Obama Administration hasn’t deported more immigrants than the Bush administration. They just pumped up the numbers by counting immigrants stopped at the border and sent back as ‘deportations’ while previous administrations counted those stopped at the border and sent back as ‘returns.’

  • Brad

    Why St. Paul’s College? Why noy Brunswick Correctional Center. It’s been closed longer AND….these kids came here illegally, so if they are to stay in the area, why not put them in a closed secure environment whete they are still being cared for and they are not a public safety or public healfh concern go the community? The BCC IS still closed, am I right?

    • Tomisanidiot

      What in the world would possess someone to say something so vile and disrespectful? I wish you would use your full name so that we could talk this over. You and everyone else is so brave behind your keyboard. Go ahead and post it as a response. I dare you, you worthless coward.

  • M. Cook

    Many outside our boundaries still view the US as the “land of opportunity” and thus we have episodes such as this one. But by the grace of God we might be in their loved ones situations and heaven forbid look for ways, even “illegal ones” to better at least our childrens’ lives. Sadly I now see Christian leaders pointing out how illegal immigration is Biblically wrong pointing out the need to obey “Caesar;” This of course is their right to say but I really wonder WWJD, at least, with these young children.

    • J. Goode

      Cook – I am also shocked at how the “Christian folk” around the county are so full of hate and bigotry for Children and teenagers. I’m sure Jesus Christ is shedding a tear and wondering where we continue to go wrong.

      • t

        How can you call yourself a Christian and deny these children? They are all God’s children. They may be of a different nationality, but this country is made up of immigrants.

    • J. Goode

      Cook – Its really shocking how the “Christian folk” in the county are so full of hate. I cringe to think what the good Lord must think of Brunswick County with people who are willing to turn away from toddlers, children, and teenagers who have gone through more than 99% of those in the county have in a lifetime.

      • tom

        read your book of lies, the bible: your “jesus” said to obey ceasar’s laws. so he would support the laws of the land

  • mbaker9105

    I don’t understand in all of this how the Government of Mexico is never mentioned…..that’s where they crossed….so to me, if they came from there, return them there….I’d put them in the system for Legal Immigration, and they can wait just like others around the world. Let Mexico handle them or ship them home until then. They refuse to do anything or are obviously in favor of these illegal crossings. I say both. I know most of my ancestors came over early, in a documented fashion, and were probably subject to practices found “offensive” today (checking for lice, etc.). Even back then the people knew enough to attempt some kind of documented, orderly process…..

  • J. Goode

    What a multifaceted issue. Brunswick County is a very poor county in the State and could use a much revenue as possible. The issue is whether BC would receive any benefit or would it strictly be for Saint Paul’s College. I also have no doubt that race plays a big issue. If these were white kids from Australia, there wouldn’t be as much backlash. For an area which claims to follow “Jesus Christ” teaching I’m just shocked at the pure anti-children stance many of the residents have taken. Also it seems many of the residents have no clue what these children or their parents face each and every day. It seems most think Mexico is part of Central America (sorry Sherriff).

    The sad thing is Brunswick County has brought this on themselves. The county has barely more people in 2014 than it did in 1800. It is one of the poorest and least economical places live. Nearly 17% of the County lives in Poverty. The black/white divide runs deep in this part of the state and doesn’t seem to be ending. Until the county makes fundamental changes, these are the types of programs and jobs that will always be seen as viable from Richmond or even Washington D.C.

    Brunswick County has the opportunity to gain revenue, create jobs, and make a significant difference in the lives of 500-600 children and teenagers. I’m sure there will be many negatives, but the opportunity to do the lords work and improve the conditions in the county clearly supersede those negative “concerns.”

    • somebarbersareidiots

      Do you know what the county has been through for the past few years with our administration and schools?

      • manalishi

        How the hell is 500-600 juvenile taco benders creating jobs you drooling tard? YOU go there and take care of them with YOUR $ or FO. Be a man and put your $ where your mouth is and keep your hands out of my wallet. Theres always some democrat scavenger trying to satisfy their own feelings/agenda with anyone elses $ but their own.

      • J. Goode

        Somebarbersareidiots – Yes. I know exactly what Brunswick county has been facing over the last 30-40 years. We have idiots that run the county and idiots who complain about those idiots. Brunswick County has helped fail itself. People don’t want to live there, jobs don’t want to come there.

        Programs like this, Landfill, and Dominion Power are examples of how people look at Brunswick County. You throw things in the closest you don’t want people to see. Its what the State and Federal Government does because 1) Brunswick County needs the money and 2) we lack hardly any political power because of our incompetency..

  • Tony Fleming

    That this is not a race issue is complete BS. There are over 50,000 “illegals” in this country from Ireland. How many of you would be so upset and using such language about housing them in a prison if the proposal was to bring those “illegals” to St. Paul’s college. If you’re man enough, you’ll just be honest and admit this is a race issue.

  • Glen Allen

    How did these children become the responsibility of the United States? Give them back to the Governments they came from, and let those Governments deal with the parents. Why would we want to house an entire former college campus with (primarily) non-English speaking people? And why should we pay for it? Let’s take care of our own homeless children, and any family mental health issues that may lurking therein, before we go making homes for children that should not be here in the first place.

    • manalishi

      Democrats will gladly let veterans and the elderly die off from neglect, but the trailer, ghetto, and illegal trash get the perks. Democrats need to pay all of it themselves. At least pull the negative balance from existing entitlements,,,,that would turn the tide the very second the checks come up a dollar short.

      • J. Goode

        Manalishi – Just come out and say you hate whats not White. At least then we can respect your real opinions.

  • Sandra K

    All who can go to Brunswick County High School at 6:30 on Thursday should be there. The news media need to see protesters too, not just the amnesty pushers.

    • J. Goode

      So all these Reagan Conservatives should not show up since he was the last sitting President do actually sign a Amnesty bill? Blind leading Blind.

      • Sandra K

        There is none so blind as he who refuses to see. I didn’t mention any party affiliation. That’s all you. Common sense will tell you that as a country we cannot absorb all these immigrants, especially those who require so much in gov’t funds. I DO want my grandchildren to have a future as Americans who aren’t standing in line for jobs behind every immigrant, from whatever country, who has no respect for law. Besides,that was 1986, some 28 years ago.Move on. Reagan later said it was a mistake. Oh, and one more thing. Check your spelling.

      • J. Goode

        Sandra K – I know most people in Brunswick County don’t like the President because he is black. I’m not even going to argue that with you. I’m white, I live here, I hear what people say. Obama has done more to stop illegal immigration than any President in the past 50 years. Yet its now a huge problem. You had no PROBLEM with your grandchildren having a problem under Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Bush 2. I guess its easy to blame the guy who isn’t the same color.

        I always enjoy the “they are illegal” argument. I guess the laws that made it illegal are written by saints and can never be changed. Lynching use to be legal, women drivers illegal. So please stop confusing morality and legality. One changes, the other doesn’t.

  • Pearlene J. Hamler

    It is a disgrace the college could not carry out its fundraising agenda. Go home St. Paul Board. A black historical college is a terrible thing to waste. The black mothers in Chicago couldn’t send their children away from home amid such same violence. Many blacks fought for the college for educating blacks as a last resort. Find a new place for the refugees. Send the Board President with the “refugees”. All pomp and no character. Where is the NAACP and Rev. Sharpton? We could have raised the funds to keep the college open. We could have asked the President for help. We can still keep the college “open”. Find a job; bring a business to town; Stop selling black history!

    Pearlene Hamler

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