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2 men arrested after armed robbery in Henrico parking lot

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR) -- Two men are facing charges for a reported robbery that took place Friday night in a parking lot off International Center Drive in Henrico.

Police charged Tony Leon and Darnelle Elliotte with use of a firearm in commission of a felony and conspiracy to commit murder.

Officers say the victim reported that the suspects stole his wallet, cash and cell phone. The victim also said the suspects were armed with a handgun. The victim provided police with a description of the suspects and the car they were driving.

An officer spotted the vehicle later on Pleasants Street and the two suspects were arrested without incident.


  • todd

    they will be out in a month if Henrico attorney even prosecutes them.She will make a deal and they will walk because of the whole “taking a different approach to things”yea right

  • Robbie

    Good kids growing up. Give you the shirt right off their backs. Police thugs, as one id-10-t called them, picking on these innocent guys that were doing nothing. Let’s march for these kids too. Bring signs please.

    • EMBuckles

      Jay, often those tattoos and jewelry have occult and gang related connections and nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. I would guess that these guys may not have been in church since childhood if they attended then at all. It would not surprise me if their fathers were absent, if they ever knew them at all, and if they were running the streets from an early age.

  • Mo Fiscal Conservatism

    It appears they aren’t good kids anymore. 3 hots and a cot, that’s their future.

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