‘You look tacky. You need help, lady!’ Woman tells reporter after CNN car crash

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ATLANTA – A driver crashed a car through the lobby of the CNN Center early Friday morning.

Police responded to the Marietta Street side of the building at about 4:15 a.m. A Mercedes convertible with a Florida tag had crashed through the glass entrance. It ended up all the way inside the lobby.

It is unclear if it was done on purpose or if it was just an accident.

There’s no word on the condition of the driver. Witnesses said paramedics checked out a man and woman who were apparently occupants of the car. No one was taken away by ambulance, witnesses said.

After authorities removed the car from the building, officers allowed a woman to remove several personal belongings from the car, including a laptop and a flat-screen TV. The woman would not answer reporters’ questions when asked how the crash happened.

"Can you just tell us what happened?" Atlanta-based reporter Rebekka Schramm asked the woman.

"If you give me some money, I will," the woman replied.

"Tell us if you were the driver?" the reported asked.

"Get out of my face! Like, I'm serious. Get out of my face," the woman replied. "You look tacky.  Your outfit - you need help, lady.  Get out of my face.  Like seriously."

"Well, I'm glad you're physically okay," Schramm replied.

"Bye! Goodbye. Goodbye," the woman responded.

Schramm later referenced the situation on her Twitter account.

"Clearly if this woman says I look tacky, it has to be true," she tweeted.

Source: WGCL


  • Love the day!

    Typical ignorant and uneducated! Was she on drugs? Definitely a loser and she shouldn’t drive again until she is tested for drugs and check her phone for texting! She is disgusting!

      • tom

        do you support republicans? If so, get off the computer, and do something to supports your pathetic party. If you think democrats are the problem in this country, you have issues. Do something about what you constantly complain about instead of ranting on news sites all day. If all you’re going to do is complain on the computer and do nothing to help change things, then you may as well be a democrat!

      • Marie

        You are very talented if you can look at a person and tell their political party affiliation….especially when you have some people who dont even identify with a political party.

      • manalishi

        Sorry Tom, fully independent, unlike dependents (democrats). Silly Marie, She identifies,,,,if not, the democrat party identifies with her. Not sure if it’s talent that plays 98/1 odds.

  • Laura Jennings

    Media in yo faces? The sista and bro run into dey house…LOL. What would you do, sista?

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