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High school senior who stripped at graduation won’t receive diploma

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A senior at Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville who stripped to his underwear after walking across the stage at graduation on Wednesday will not receive his diploma, Superintendent Frank Till Jr. told the Fayetteville Observer on Thursday.

According to the paper, Quinton Murphy was walking across the stage when he turned toward the audience, pulled his robe over his head and posed with his arms out in the air. He was only wearing leopard-print briefs, socks and shoes when he took off his robe.

School officials were not amused, the paper reported.

“It used to be that the audience would be disruptive at graduation,” Till said. “We’ve worked hard to get the audiences to respect our students. This young man chose not to show respect for his colleagues.”

Till recommended to Principal Denise Garison that the school withhold Murphy’s diploma and bar him from the school’s property and events, such as football games. Principal Garison agreed.

Murphy is still a graduate and can prove it with transcripts.

Source: Fayetteville Observer



  • mbaker9105

    Seems typical of this spoiled generation, too much of everything, cable, internet, cellphones, x-boxes, twitters, taking selfies pictures, etc. Me, Me, Me all the time. No respect for elders or any of the hard work and sacrifice of those before them. I’m sure his family is SOOO proud. Nothing wrong with goofing around, but ceremonies such as this is not the time and place, and he needs to learn lessons like that, it’s obvious he wasn’t taught proper courtesy, behavior, and manners.

  • manalishi

    Contrary to popular christian conservative republican beliefs,,,,, behold evidence of Darwins evolution theory.

  • Times have changed

    Why does everybody have to bring race into the situation? If it’s not race, it’s something about Pres. Obama. Give it a rest. Is that all you people can think to post??

  • Besus

    Haha… Lay off… He did something stupid that he probably regrets at this point…. Haven’t we all? Or are we all perfect saints? I think not!

    • manalishi

      Who the hell is “we”?? Not everyone did something that stupid. I’m thinking most people havn’t been that stupid. Help yourself

      • Besus

        We… You included… Have probably done something in your life that you regret…. I guess YOU are a saint?!

      • Troll

        manalishi, you say things everyday, if not every hour, a great deal more stupid and tasteless that the act this person did. You are simply too stupid to know it. Are you posting from a reformatory?

  • SMH...

    It literally IS all they can think of to post. Small minds make generalizations because that’s all that they choose to see. Whatever the case/ whichever the race, he should have been escorted out and charged with indecent exposure.

  • Hollis Tunston

    lol. they banned him from school, well he already graduated, what a punishment,,lol. my only suggestion is to make sure you have your dipolma in hand before you do your prank seniors. when i graduated i checked to make sure they hadn’t pulled the swictha roo on me and before refusing to shake the principal or superintident hand, then danced off the stage tossing the wrapper the diploma can in at them much to the delight of my fellow graduates, classic

  • Chris

    For all the ignorant people who have no idea about what actually occurred, Quintin Murphy is still receiving his diploma. All of these news stories have it wrong, and Quintin himself can confirm that. They can only legally hold it until the start of the next school year, which is in August. So they may hold his diploma for two months. But he made a memory that will last a lifetime.
    And there is a special place in hell for those trying to bring race into the matter.

  • krista

    Graduations are hallmark events and should be regarded as such. Did this youngster stop to consider in what way his selfish act affected the senior standing on the stage behind him? Was it even possible to hear her name called over the uproar his actions generated? Was she and her family deprived of their hallmark moment due to his selfishness? This was inappropriate and disrespectful. I wonder if this rocket scientist stopped to consider how prospective employers would view such actions when considering him for a position in their company.

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