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Why is Dave Brat not doing interviews?

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GLEN ALLEN, Va. - After pulling off the biggest upset victory of the primary season, Republican congressional nominee Dave Brat isn't saying much publicly.

"I am not ignoring you," Brat told a reporter Thursday.

"I need a few days to decompress after that election," Brat  told CNN, two days after the tea party-backed economics professor toppled House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

"I'm just so happy with the outcome of the election. I literally have a thousand emails, a thousand voicemails so I'm just trying to catch up on everything," he added.

But some have wondered why Brat hasn't been more forthcoming following his win?

CBS 6 has repeatedly sent Brat texts and messages requesting an interview. No phone calls have yet been returned.

"I don't think he's intentionally hiding - I think he's trying to get his act together," Republican State Senator John Watkins ( R - Powhatan ) told CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

Some political analysts have suggested it is because of the scrutiny his campaign, his life, and his work are now under.

The Wall Street Journal has critized Cantor for his work that Hitler's rise "could happen again" if certain economic principles are not adheared too.

The Washington Post pointed out that while Brat mentioned he fought against liberal elites at Princeton while he was in college in his web bio, he neglected to distinguish the fact he went to Princeton Theological Seminary and not the Ivy league institution.

Turns out Brat isn't the only candidate in the 7th District race not speaking.

The Democratic Party of Virginia said its candidate -- Professor Jack Trammell -- will not be available for interviews until they officially launch their campaign.


  • manalishi

    “calling Cantor’s support for minor reforms “amnesty.” Now there’s the sleaziest spin i’ve heard yet from CNN. Like bath house Barry Soertoro (frank Marshall Davis wannabee) would ever consider anything short of an expanded welfare state? Anyone notice that the MSM refuses to report on the currnt immigration crisis brought to you by democrats that want a completely new voter base?

    • Troll

      How did you get to be so damned ignorant and myopic manalishi? You must have worked on your ignorance a very long time.

      • manalishi

        It’s simple David/troll, It’s called multi tasking. You know, like when i read books and make your mama bite the pillow at the same time.

  • Becky

    Washington still in denial and refusing to put on hearing aids that allows two-way communications.

  • Ron Melancon

    The media ignored him. The media villifies us
    The media made fun of us,
    The media did not give us any credit and now they expect Dave Bratt to give interviews?
    Nobody watches CNN anyway And CNN will not help him win. It’s the people in the 7 th district that will help win. CNN has no influence on our local election

  • Daniel Beasley

    Both proffessor’s maybe hiding from press, for no experience, they are learning the game quick. lololol might need to lay off the mushroom tea.

  • Becky

    Oh, pu-leese bring back objectivity, creditability, ethics codes. The news that covers who, what, when, where, how,
    and sometimes why, without the sensationalizing, emoting, sponsorship and pandering..

  • Norma Earls

    So, Joe St. George’s headline is “Why is Dave Brat not doing interviews”? Then we see a video “still not talking”…Considering that Brat did an interview w/ Chuck Todd/MSNBC, Sean Hannity/FNC and Jonathan Strong/Breitbart, I think Joe is really asking, “Why hasn’t he done an interview with meeee”? Of course, Brat answered the question in the video while he was “still not talking”.

  • Daniel Beasley

    According to person interviewed on CNN last night, the reason neither candidate will do interviews at this point is that both candidates have been told by their parties, that they have to play the game, or they will block anything they try to do.. Need to ask candidates to get answers, and they maybe hiding in a black hole somewhere in the Center of the Universe. The people of Ashland, and Va. deserve better.

  • sarah

    Shame on you for including material from other sources with no context. The WSJ article totally misconstrues what Brat was saying about another Hitler rising. He doesn’t WANT it to happen, just that it could.

  • Daniel Beasley

    I guess I should consider myself lucky. I received a call from someone with Dave Brat’s staff today. He is against raising min. wage, and I could get no information on his views on legalizing marijuana for adults in Va. If elected he will make close to 200,000 a year, but opposes min. wage increase. I see no difference between him and any other politician.

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