Students suspended over ‘sexual’ class t-shirt

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UNION CITY, Mich. – Is it simple arithmetic, a potential sexual innuendo or both? You be the judge.

Mickaylah Brigg’s class t-shirt reads, “The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.”

That’s the exact wording for the Union City High School class of 2015 shirt.


“Our class is like the joking class, so we wanted it to be funny and represent us,” Briggs explained.

However, Union’s school administrators didn’t see the humor.

“Administration did accept them for us to buy them. Like say, they’re appropriate for school and stuff,” Briggs said. “Then that Friday, we all turned our money in. We found out they were not school appropriate, but it was too late.”

Administrators informed students that the shirts had a “potential sexual innuendo.” Briggs said a classmate got suspended for wearing it on Friday.

“Then we all decided that we were going to wear our shirts that Monday,” Briggs said. “I got suspended walking into school. They waited for everybody to walk into school, and everybody that had a shirt got kicked out.”

They were suspended for the last day of school.

“I don’t see the sexual innuendo,” Briggs’ mother said.

Bobbiejoe Briggs said she complained to the superintendent and questioned the disapproval well before any of the suspensions.
Without the ‘plus sign’, Mrs. Briggs said she could understand.

However, with it ‘addition sign,’ Mrs. Briggs sees it as a simple math problem.

“I can see where 6 + 9 equals the year students are graduating,” Briggs noted that the ‘9’ rhymes with ‘fine.’

“And I feel suspension is probably a little too far. Why couldn’t they have them take their shirts off? Especially if it was the first offense instead of the second offense,” Briggs said.

Superintendent Peter Kreger over the phone. Kreger said students were warned, and they were acting insubordinate by wearing the shirt anyway.

Source: WXMI


  • tim

    its because their white.these kids shouldnt be punished and marked for life because of a shirt.Punishment doesn’t fit the crime and wheres the naacp on this one,can we get a online petition please?oops my bad.

  • amandan3kids

    If you read the article it says that the school admin approved them than it seems they went back on their word of that after students paid for them. If anyone is to blame it is the school.

  • Love the day!

    The numbers 6 and 9 represent a position and everyone knows that, therefore, the shirt should be banned. The kids could have made a shirt that rhymes with fifteen, or 1and 5 without being sexually connotating. Sex is advertised through all media to include game station games, why should kids continue to promote it?

  • Ciafo PrinceCharming Coulter

    if we look deep at this situation, it’s a violation of “free speech”. The 1st amendment allows FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The students are not promoting violence; nor are they expressing any type of hate crime. These school systems are so busy trying to avoid things such as sexual activities instead of addressing it and educating the kids, they hide behind things that they feel are touchy subjects now. The fact that they felt this was a sexual innuendo instead of a representation of their class shows that the school admins train of thoughts are small minded. This is simply a situation where you can think optimistic or pessimistic, i.e. the glass being half full or half empty. If you think negatively, this is what you will get; if you think positive, that is what you will get. I believe the school’s actions went too far. Suspend children for a valid reason should that have to be the result cause putting them out isn’t resolving an issue. This just allows them more free time to find trouble instead of being in school getting educated or being creative, as they were trying to be with the T-shirt. The shirt is harmless.

  • Stan

    Always making excuses for their kids is why they never think they have to obey anything. Mom and dad will bail me out. Give me a break Ms. Briggs it is parents like you that are the reason our kids have no moral compass. What if you came home and saw your daughter doing that math problem in her bedroom?

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