Breastfeeding graduate responds to critics

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LONG BEACH, Calif. – A 25-year-old woman caused a stir online after she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby at her college graduation. Karlesha Thurman posted the picture from the ceremony at Long Beach State University on Twitter.

It was also posted on a Facebook group called “Black Woman Do Breastfeed.” Reaction to the photo was mixed.

Buzzfeed reported many people supported her picture and her action. However, some people complained about the photo and said neither location nor  the amount of skin exposed in public was appropriate. Supporters responded to those criticisms with pictures of Rihanna’s dress from the CFDA Awards.

Breast Feeding graduation

Buzzfeed said Thurman wrote on her Facebook page: “I found out I was pregnant my last year of college, had my daughter one week into my last semester, she was my motivation to keep going, so me receiving my BA was OUR moment.”

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    • Tammy

      ok, if it was just because the baby was hungry then why did she have to take a picture of it? if it was just because the baby was hungry, she could have excused herself.

      • Sherry

        A woman should not have to be ashamed or much less worry about “offending” someone for doing exactly what WE as female human beings were naturally born to do. People are ridiculous! Het over yourselves & quit looking for things to whine about.

  • Love the day!

    This was to celebrate the graduating class and enjoy the moment, not to show off her breast in front of family members to include children! How did she make it through college without brains and common sense?!

  • Sherry

    The Baby was hungry. Get over it people. I would rather see this than some of the ways women expose their breasts anyday! This is what we have them for people!

  • Love the day!

    Must be a culture thing! It was not the time or place to breast feed! The baby could have fussed until she got to the car! Thus was a special, serious day for the graduates and the inconsiderate breast feeding bimbo should have had consideration for others who were soaking up their accomplishments! Anything for attention….definitely the culture!

    • Sherry

      Not sure what you mean by a “culture” thing?? Unless you meant “black”? I’m white & I feed by babies when they are hungry where ever I am. Get over yourself. She is not a “bimbo”. She looks like a very caring Mother who is feeding her child when hungry with the absolute best & healthiest way she can. That’s what breasts are for. Id rather my children see breasts being used this way any day than like sex objects & people looking like actual bimbos.

    • Sherry

      A “Culture” thing??? What culture is that? Its called Human Nature!!! Cause I’m “white” AKA Peaches n cream & I will breast feed my child when & where I please. I’m sure all you can see is the top of her breast, which is no different than a woman with her breast spilling out of her shirt just because she thinks its sexy. They are not sex toys. They produce milk for a reason & as far as I’m concerned she is a Mother doing what a Mother should do. That’s called feeding her child when he/she is hungry & she surely shouldn’t need ANYONES permission to do so. I would much rather my child see this display than some of the raunchy things he/she could be seeing on a daily in public.
      As far as calling her a “bimbo”. You must not know the definition of one, cause this certainly does NOT define one. I’m sure you will try to come up with a nasty reply to this & I honestly don’t care. If you want I cant show you my Breast as I feed my child. Have an awesome day & God Bless!! :)

  • Sarah

    Time and place for everything? All she wanted was fame? Ahahaha. Close minded people. 100% props to this young women. I bet every single one of y’all judging wouldn’t even try to breast feed. You see more breast when someone wearing a bathing suit. The way our society has turned out is SAD. If formula and bottles were never invented then this would be the only way to feed. She’s a great mother and the bond of breast feeding is amazing. So all the haters can suck it!! And all the ones that say all she wanted was fame, you’re just making her famous ;)

  • Babies need to eat too

    Wow, y’all are gonna say she should’ve let the baby fuss & that this is inappropriate and the wrong time & place? Boy have you been conditioned by those lingerie ads to think breasts are to be shown off only & not used for their true purpose. Shame on anyone who thinks a baby’s needs shouldn’t be met, especially a hungry baby! This woman accomplished an amazing goal with a young baby, she finished college! Education is demanding, babies are demanding, kudos to her for handling both with grace. Anyone who disagrees, I suggest you start campaigning to get all instances of breast exposure removed from the public, Victoria Secret ads, swim suit ads, your macys & target catalogs- oh wait, those don’t offend you? Well what’s your damn problem then? Keep your fool mouths shut

  • Love the day!

    Do you idiots not know the right place and time? There were graduates and their families who were enjoying the pomp and circumstance! I didn’t see other races breast feeding! I breastfed my child and I considered it to be private thing! I certainly didn’t unzip my shirt, pull out my breast and commence feeding my child in the company of others and take a picture of my breast! This girl graduated and may have a degree but there is no common sense or consideration! She may be turned down for jobs because of her posting! Was a picture really necessary? Who cares about seeing her ugly boob?!

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