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Demonstrators cause fracas after Eric Cantor concession speech

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RICHMOND, Va. - Immediately after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor exited the room following his concession speech, a group of political demonstrators stormed inside, at the Westin Hotel off Forest Avenue.

They came in shouting and waving a large flag, along with a red shirt printed with the name CASA De Virginia.

The group defines itself as a community organization that protects civil rights, according to their Twitter page. 

Several skirmishes occurred as the crowd shouted swarmed into the room. Someone in the group  knocked the glasses off of a CASA de Virginia member. A Cantor supporter was put in a choke hold, seemingly by someone trying to remove her from the room.

Plates of food were tipped over and demonstrators were also pushed around. At this time it doesn't seem as though any arrests were made.

“Eric Cantor lost because he was a pretend tea partier,” said Lindolfo Carballo, Lead Organizer for CASA de Virginia and leader of this evening’s protest. “But voters, faith and business leaders, and more all agree that we need a real leader to end the suffering of our families.”

CASA De Virginia is a sister organization of CASA in Action, that fights for immigration rights. CASA in Action had an organized presence at Ken Cuccuinelli headquarters in 2013 while the candidate and supporters awaited gubernatorial results.

That night, an unidentified man stepped onto the stage at the Richmond Marriott and starting shouting about immigration reform. Shortly after, a group of demonstrators from CASA In Action started chanting as well and passing out fliers about immigration reform.

Cantor, House Majority Leader, was running for an eighth term in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, against Tea-Party backed economics professor Dave Brat.


  • manalishi

    Anyone ever question why they don’t try to clean up their own country? Instead they demand to come here and destroy our legal, economic, education, and political system. Its almost as bad as sleazy democrats escaping the northeast to move here and then vote the same democrat trash here in VA.

  • Namla

    It was the republican party that was the liberal, progressive party up to the Civil War. It was the true blue democrats who opposed emancipation and supported slavery and denying women the right to vote. Recall that Thaddeus Stevens was quite the radical, anti-slavery republican and practicing miscegenist. The south was traditionally conservative democrat territory up until passage of the civil rights act by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Then it mysteriously turned red and republican again. The politics of race seem to have an awful lot to do with American politics.

    • Patriot Pat

      More mythical nonsense. The Republican party was never “progressive” as the word is used today. It was always a conservative party. Abolitionists were moved by their deeply held religious faith, not by some secular humanist ethics. Before the end of the century the Republican Party was associated with industry and business while the Democrats, as they always have done, played upon populist class warfare. Democrats have a history of racial obsession. First it was scaring white voters with tales of black people. Then when that fell out of fashion they took black voters in, and Hispanic voters, and women and they split people into demographic groups in order to again play that populist oppression card…only this time in the opposite direction.

      There is nothing “conservative” about the kind of redistributionist New Deal policies that soooo many racist Southern Democrats supported for decades.

      Not once in the history of the party were Republicans “liberal” in the modern big government sense of the word. The few Leftists who infiltrated the Republicans in the early 20th century were quickly drummed out and found a home in the New Deal party, the Democrats.

      • Namla

        Well, I guess you didn’t consider Lincoln “progressive” in his desire to end slavery which he in due time used against the confederates as a real threat, which by the way was opposed by the democrats who were concerned about the impact this would have on the working class. The threat was realized when Lincoln used those emancipated slaves in the union army. You need to go back another century to the 19th century or for that matter to the 18th century and tell me about the politics of Jefferson (a radical republican thinker in his own right), who btw died penniless after he lost his beloved Monticello to debtors. There was nothing “conservative” about republican patriotism in the 18th and 19th centuries. You must be a revisionist.

  • Lee

    Wow! well said Patriot Pat. I am a student of history and I hail from the deep South. It baffles me that all the years of the Democratic Party racists policies are swept under the rug and now they are considered as the party of the minorities and the down trodden?

    • Namla

      The republican party really needs to ask this question rather than complaining about it. They should do more to be inclusive rather than inclusive, and this has been said ad nauseum by countless political analysts. When two participants at the 2012 republican convention threw peanuts at a black CNN camera woman and shouted “this is how we feed animals”, that did little to untarnish the image of the republican party as a party of elitist racists. I have not seen anything that says this was actually two democrat who infiltrated the convention to create a racial incident, have you?

  • Robert Schmidt

    It was a monumental upset victory…….Virginia……the once Republican stronghold with still many a conservative voter and citizen……”Government is not the solution to your problems, Government is your problem.” Ronald Reagan

  • reeltime

    Where’s ICE when you need them. Oh, I forgot, our great Constitutional protector Eric Holder has tied their shoestrings together.

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