Dave Brat discusses why voters should choose him over Eric Cantor

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RICHMOND, Va. - Republican congressional candidate Dave Brat is challenging incumbent and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary election Tuesday, June 10. Brat appeared on CBS 6 News at 7 on Monday night to reach undecided voters ahead of the election.

Congressman Cantor appeared on CBS 6 News at 7 on Friday evening. Click here to watch.


  • Ron Melancon

    Congressman Cantor does not care about people who have list their lives by defective trailers go to dangeroustrailers.org and ask why under his watch over 10,000 Innocent lives gone and over 300,000 injured and he does nothing but if a backover accident happens he is all over it

  • Ron Melancon

    In history we learned about “The Blank Heard Around The World”. If I said what history said I might get a visit from our finest. But will this be “The Vote Heard In Washington and Around the World”. Will this be the defining moment that the people said you better start fixing America and the first place to start is at careless employees at the VA hospitals

  • Robbie

    Poor man hasn’t got a chance. The same idiotic people that complain about the government are the same ones voting for Cantor. Cantor, Reed, Pelosi, Cruz and many others continue to get fat off of special interest groups. Quit complaining idiots! You keep reelecting these clowns.

  • Barry

    This is awesome. Canter lost! As a Chesterfield county resident, I say good riddance! He didn’t give a crap about us. Hopefully the rest of the country will follow suit and kick out all of the bloated Washington fat cats. Now that’s change we can believe in.

  • Aztecace

    Bet you he really won’t be for free markets, because what he lists is such a small part of the free market. How about all the oil subsides, how about any subsides, and tariffs, if you believe a company needs to succeed or fail on its own then it should get no support from the government. Sending things back to state government? That’s can be and has been worst than the Feds.

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