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Ashland arrests

ASHLAND, Va. – Four people were arrested and charged with selling or using drugs at an Ashland motel, according to the Ashland Police Department.

“After completing a several month long investigation of narcotics activity at the Apple Garden Inn… the Ashland Police Department, in conjunction with the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, arrested four individuals for a variety of charges including possession and distribution of illegal narcotics,” police spokesman Chip Watts said. “Two of the individuals were residing at the motel during this time frame.”

Watts said the investigation was sparked by community complaints and officers’ observations.

Nancy Brown, 49, Anthony Brown, 26, and Robert Frye, 18, were all charged with distribution of Illegal Narcotics.

Robert Perry, 38, was charged with possession of illegal narcotics.

Watts told the Herald Progress the suspects sold crack-cocaine and heroin out of the motel.


  • Kristie

    exactly Tonya!….When it’s them they use generalized comments but if it’s black people they use stereotype and racist comments. They are just pitiful, pathetic, trash people.

  • big baby

    yeah and i guess these hillbillys are 1st time felons the two with the same last name are prob mom and son ,straight trailer

  • Brandon Johnson

    I just laugh….are you all grown ups? Do you teach your children (hopefully you all haven’t reproduced) two wrongs make a right? You all must be great parents, probably as good as the trailer trash in the actual article, trash is trash and crime has no color……… Oh I see you are just ensuring that your offspring can be as racist as you all are, gotcha sorry it was hard to read with all the spewed garbage on this page about comments on other stories…..makes sense

    • Jay

      Thanks, Brandon. Not sure how or why the race card is played so fast and often by some. There are other factors which drive behavior.

    • Kim

      Are you slow? Nobody is saying 2 wrongs make a right. We are simply saying the comments that are under each story is determined by race. Black people get stereotypical comments and name calling when white stories have comments that blow off the crimes.

      • brandon1021

        Great response, expected no less from trash like you. Read a book and get a clue, you dont have to be as stupid as you portray yourself to be, thats on you.

      • Kim

        Just give it up. You’re in denial. Sit back and shut up. You’re a waste. Trailer trash red neck at best.

  • amanda painter

    I pray Robert Perry rots in prison for the rest of his life. In 2012 when my mother died*his current girl friend* he went missing. He stole money from my mother and other items before he left the scene. And he has the nerve to stay in the same room he killed her in.

  • Tonya

    Sorry about your mom. Always remember what goes around comes around. Sorry to all the whiteys who can handle the truth….
    No I’m not sorry. IT IS WHAT THE PHUCK IT IS!!!!!

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