Woman steals iPhone, then posts selfie on her Facebook page

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UPDATE: Police say that the stolen phone has been returned to its owner.

According to out sister station KTVI, Sandy Barbee’s stolen phone was sold. The person who purchased the phone turned it in to O’Fallon police and Barbee’s daughter Alicia Warren picked it up from there.

Police say no one is in custody and the investigation is on-going.


O’FALLON, Ill. – Sandy Barbee said the woman who stole her iPhone had the nerve to post a selfie on her Facebook page.

Barbee was shopping for work supplies at Sam’s Club Tuesday night when she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. That is when she discovered her iPhone 5 was missing.

Barbee did everything possible to find her phone including asking employees at the store for help.

Hours later a selfie of an unknown woman showed up on Sandy’s Facebook page along with a vulgar post.

“She’s posting pictures on my Facebook page where my friends are,” Barbee said.

The post was so outrageous Barbee’s daughter Alicia Warren shared it with hundreds of people online hoping to identify the woman.

“Why would you post your picture on someone else’s Facebook page if you steal someone’s phone and take some pictures of yourself, we now we know who you are and what you look like,” Warren said.

The family also called the phone to try and recover it and got a wild response.

“They answered the phone a girl used four letter words and said if you want your phone you better give me money,” Barbee said.

Police are investigating the case.

“Without my phone I am lost because that’s my only phone, I don’t have a house phone. It’s for my business. They have a lot of nerve to do this they should`ve returned it. I would’ve been thankful,'”Barbee said.

Source: KTVI


  • dave

    its entitlement folks,plain and simple.So hows that political correctness working out for all of you.This scum bag thinks shes cute.She has to steal someone else’s property while being spoon fed everything she wants since obama became president.those grants,free housing,childcare,medical not working out for you trash?

    • average james

      Great..another Obama is the problem post. I guess thieves and liars didn’t exist before him. Grow up.

    • Beblessed

      How do you know she receives public assistance. One thing have nothing to do with the other. How do you know she’s a democracy manalishi? Why won’t everyone say how they feel. Don’t sugar coat it.

    • Rob

      What does Obama have to do with this? It’s funny how some will try to tie the president to anything considered negative…no matter how far fetched…

  • angel2

    Agreed, Dave…..just like the white CA teen who had an accident on his way to work….then stole the red light cam (pole and all) and put it in his jeep (did he really think nobody would notice?…lol).

      • angel2

        I was responding to Dave’s remark, “its entitlement folks…”. So this white CA working teen perhaps thinks he’s entitled to break the law.
        But…seeing the rest of Dave’s comments, I read between the lines. I’m not the racist here. Grow up.

  • manalishi

    Democrats come in 2 varieties. Smart ones that scam the working class, and tards that scam anybody.

  • Tina Taylor

    its a shame but you will need to have this phone cut off and see if you can forward calls to your new # or make arrangements to meet her but send a cop instead to arrest her and get it back. let everyone know your phone has been stolen and what is happening

  • Barry Solano

    Did the phone’s owner have Find My iPhone enabled? With Find My iPhone, she could have tracked the phone’s location, and if necessary, wiped the data from it and even bricked it.

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