Report: McGuire VA Medical Center among highest for wait times

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Daryl Starr has been going to the McGuire VA Medical Center for around three years. He said he's never had an issue when it came to getting an appointment.

"The VA does excellent work, especially there at McGuire," Starr said.

However, reports show that's not the case with everyone.  According to data obtained by USA Today, the McGuire VA Medical Center is tied with Atlanta for third for the longest wait times in the country.

The medical center has an average wait time of 56.5 days for new patients according to the data.

That is well above the VA's goal of an average wait time of 14 days.

CBS 6 reached out to the McGuire VA Medical Center about these findings. A spokesperson sent us this statement:

“McGuire VA Medical Center is dedicated to providing high quality care to the Veterans we are privileged to serve. Wait time data for new patients requesting primary care can vary for several reasons and we constantly strive to decrease wait times for our clinics," said Darlene Edwards, Public Affairs Officer for the McGuire VA Medical Center.



  • bob

    I have been going to the VA (Hunter Holmes, Richmond) for almost fifteen years. I recently received a heart pump as a way to keep living. I am currently back to work. To me this shows the quality of the VA. If anything needs fixing, I feel it is the number of Doctors they have in the clinics. If you allow a ten or fifteen minute doctors appointment, then in my opinion, the patient isn’t receiving the quality of care they are entitled to.

  • Romaine Cheney

    I feel the wait times at McGuire are ridiculous. My dad once had to wait a couple months just to have a procedure done for his heart. No reason to wait that long for what he was having done.

  • Jer

    Wait times arent that bad, but I haven’t had anything to far ahead. Mine ususally is about 3 weeks.
    MRI took 3 weeks
    Hearing took a month
    Pain clinic has taken 2 months

  • Ted L

    I went to the Mcguire clinic in Frederickburgs for my initial check-in on 9 May and was given an initial appointment with a Primary Care doctor for October/November, due to the lack of PC docs in Fredericksburgs clinic. This may be why the excess wait times are occuring. The next week, I was contacted by a Mcguire scheduler and got a Primary Care appointment for 23 May, earlier appts were available but the 23rd worked for my schedule. I’m not sure why your reporting long wait times, I got an initial PC appt within 2 weeks and it could have been less. I did have to drive down to Richmond but hey no other issues.

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