Disgruntled man snubs city code and paints house as American flag

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BRANDENTON, Fl. --Brent Greer, who lives in Florida,said he's tired of being hounded by code enforcement about how his house looks, so he decided to make a patriotic change, by painting the home to look like an American flag.

There's a sign out front, thanking neighbors for their support.

The brand new paint job is the homeowners' message to the Bradenton city code enforcement.

Greer says the city is threatening to fine them based on strictly cosmetic issues.

Greer says it's not the city's business to tell him what his home should look like.

"It's to remind the city and all those who live here that this is America. This is a free country. This is my home. This is not a shrine to Riverview Boulevard."

Greer plans to paint the liberty bell on the second floor.

They face a hearing with the code enforcement board on June 17.



  • Not From Florida

    I had a neighbor who put up a flagpole and an American flag in his front yard and a huge shed that looked like a barn in his backyard. I support people’s right to put a flag in their yard and build the kind of shed they want, but anyone who does what my next door neighbor did in an otherwise average-looking neighborhood is a weirdo. And he was a weirdo. Sure, this person in Florida is standing up for his rights, and I hope he wins on principle. But you have to understand. What he is doing would be considered by many people to be obnoxious: even people who love America.

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