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RICHMOND, Va. – A few days after it made headlines in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other large U.S. cities, the trend of leaving cash around town and dropping hints on Twitter so people can find the money finally hit Central Virginia.

The @HiddenRVACash Twitter handle went live Friday. Since then its given away $1,400 around town.

“Inspired by the original . Recently retired from a very lucrative yet guilt ridden career in Payday and Title Loans. Time to give back,” the Twitter profile explained. Since the account was activated, someone has been hiding envelopes of cash at locations around town and tweeting out clues to help people find the money.

The person behind the account has encouraged those who find the money tweet out photos of the cash. Thankful “winners” seem happy to play along.

A similar Twitter account is up, running and focused on cash hidden in Colonial Heights.

“I figured this would be something fun to do, as well as brighten someone’s day,” the person behind @HiddenCash_CH wrote in an email. “The city has had some unpleasant new stories recently and hopefully this will shed some light on the good things and people that are still in Colonial Heights. I hope whomever finds the money will pay-it-forward by doing something nice for someone else just as I did for them.”

The person, who did not reveal his/her name, said he/she was not interested in doing an in-person interview.

The Colonial Heights money was found Wednesday.@HiddenCash_CH promised more cash and another clue over the weekend.

“That was fun!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the riddles and the hunt. Tune in for cash drop #2 this weekend!! Remember to PAY-IT-FORWARD!,” the tweet read.