Former Richmond official Sharon Judkins files discrimination complaint

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Former Richmond Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) Sharon Judkins

RICHMOND, Va. — Sharon Judkins, former Richmond Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Finance and Administration, has filed a complaint against the City of Richmond, according to an email correspondence obtained by CBS 6.

An email from City Attorney Allen L. Jackson indicates that Wednesday morning the city received a charge of race and gender discrimination issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of Judkins.

It typically would be at least several months before its investigation actually commences, and we currently anticipate handling the proceedings as in the ordinary course of business,” Jackson writes in the letter. “However, should the need arise, I recommend that you treat the matter as though it already is in litigation.”

Judkins used to oversee the city’s finance department, and her last day was Friday, May 16.

Judkins came under fire in December of 2013 for rejecting all of the recommendations made by the city auditor regarding the Richmond Department of Information Technology’s $18 million information technology system (RAPIDS). However, she later reversed course and accepted three out of the seven recommendations.

Shortly after Judkins departure was confirmed, an anonymous tip to Richmond City Auditor Umesh Dalal  sparked a two-week investigation into why Judkins was given more than $400,000 on her way out the door, thanks to some unusual bookkeeping.

Dalal said his most recent investigation into Judkins uncovered Richmond Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Byron Marshall allowed Judkins to get credit for more than 800 hours of unused sick time she collected during a previous 19-year career in the city of Richmond. Judkins returned to City Hall when Marshall hired her in 2012.

Judkins and Marshall met while serving together on the same board of a professional organization, Dalal noted. He found it was highly irregular for the city to give an employee credit for past time spent in between city jobs.

“Restoring unused sick leave from prior employment appears to be a unique transaction, which the CAO entered into for the sole benefit of the DCAO,” Dalal wrote in his report. “In addition, the transaction does not comply with the City’s Code of Ethics.”

Dalal said he recommended the Mayor’s Office work with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to determine what, if any, laws had been broken.

In addition to the unused sick time, Dalal found Judkins was credited for an additional 147.2 hours of vacation time on a single day, February 28, 2014.

“Further investigation revealed that this adjustment was done erroneously by an untrained Finance Department employee who was not supervised appropriately,” Dalal wrote. “The City Controller to whom this employee reported to did not review or verify the accuracy of this adjustment. The Finance employee’s error accrued additional vacation benefit to the DCAO valued at $11,766. This error must be reversed.”

However, Marshall now says his recent decision to grant Judkins’s unused sick time was a mistake.  Marshall has since recommended not paying Judkins for those 800 sick hours. He says the hours were granted in error. Marshall also explains that his decision to approve the sick hours was based upon flawed advice given to him by the city’s Human Resources department.

Mayor Dwight Jones, concerned about the auditor’s report, is now putting the matter in the hands of Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring. Jones wants Herring to determine if there was any criminal wrongdoing.

Norman Butts was recenlty named Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) for Finance and Administration. Butts comes to Richmond from Leesburg, Virginia where he served as Director of Finance.

Depend on CBS 6 and for updates to this developing story.



  • Joe

    Of course she did! I would suspect nothing less….Be incompetant, fail to achieve results, work the system, have an attitude of entitlement then sue when you get shown the door…. She ought to consider every dime she got from the city a blessing since she didn’t deserve any of it! How fast can we get people like this woman out of the city?

    How about a progress update on Byron Marshall’s exit from the city?

  • dave

    tO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,maybe you didn’t hear but your race card was revoked and and accounts closed for over use and a negative balance over the past 6 years.Please shred your card or return it to us.thank you,national I am black and entitled bank.(NIABAE)

  • i said so

    hopefully there’s one intelligent person in the city who will sue this useless p.o.s. for all the illegal money it got

  • John

    She is grasping at straws. She will probably be facing some criminal charges that haven’t come out yet from the undisclosed information Umesh Dalal forwarded to the Commonwealth Attorney. She figures a good defense is a good offense.

  • Joe

    Sure hope Norman Butts takes the “clean house” approach to many of these departments. Let’s bring competence back to Richmond government.

  • Becky

    The hand-picked Executive Management Team Member is suing the Executive Management
    EO’s that were set up to bestow undue riches upon her, their friend? Positively(?) Richmond
    Governance continues to spiral down to the level of transparent, incompetent, lunacy.
    Maybe Tax Payers should file a class action discrimination law suit. How many down
    and dirty “deals” does this Administration get to make for their friends, donors, tax exempt,
    special interest lobbyists? Trust the party sponsoring CA, that has to hire tax paid, outside, contractor, for legal expertise to help him do his job.

  • sammy

    What Up Grace Jones Minnime. Ain’t she pretty?!?!?!? Didn’t her race card expire last month??

  • R Moffett

    Race should not enter into this discussion. The facts, to the extent they’ve been disclosed, are that the City Auditor, and one external audit organization, found, respectively, numerous deficiencies in the Department of Finance for which Ms. Judkins was accountable and that the Department of Finance lacked the expertise required to prepare a correct Consolidated Financial Statement in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. The numbers and magnitude of the deficiencies combined with her refusal in some cases and failure in others to acknowledge and remedy the deficiencies justify her termination by any business or ethical standard with which I am familiar. Any competent attorney will find it easy to present credible evidence in a way that shows Ms. Judkins termination was justified, fair, and had nothing to do with her race or gender but, rather, her failure to perform her duties in a diligent manner.

    In my opinion, there is plenty of evidence to support the assertion that the City Administration – beginning at the very top – is rotten to the core and needs to be removed. This however will not occur until all of us focus on issues and solutions rather than race or gender. Within the city are thousands of African-American citizens of good will who want the same for themselves and their families as white citizens of good will. The problems is that race baiters – White and Black – continue to make racially-charged assertions which are devoid of fact and intended to “stir the pot” or serve their individual self-interests to the exclusion of the common good of all of us.

    The numbers of hate-filled, disrespectful, race-based comments that appear, daily, in the social media and public discourse is disturbing, counterproductive, and serves only to inflame while diverting attention from the facts surrounding the myriad problems that exist in city government and delay and impede resolution of the problems which affect all citizens regardless of their race or gender.

    • B Addy

      Sure race should enter into it. Why wouldn’t it?? Devoid of fact you say? LOL, It is the entire problem with the city of Richmond government. This woman should be arrested for fraud immediately.

    • manalishi

      Well well, R Muffin, After reading 3 paragraphs of liberal democrat defensive tripe, it’s not hard to conclude that your suffering from rectal/cranial inversion disorder. Now you can chide your displeasure from “The numbers of hate-filled, disrespectful, race-based comments that appear, daily, in the social media and public discourse is disturbing, counterproductive, and serves only to inflame while diverting attention from the facts surrounding the myriad problems that exist in city government and delay and impede resolution of the problems which affect all citizens regardless of their race or gender.” in your own words. But the fact that is that this racist piece of democrat s**t has filed a “charge of race and gender discrimination issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of Judkins.”

      The haters did not file, discourse did not file, the public at large did not file. W T F is wrong with you. treat reality for what is is, should race or gender be a factor? Obviously not, but no one told judkins therefore it is.

      • R Moffett

        Manalishi – You prove my point and exemplify those who exacerbate and prolong our problems by refusing to engage in meaningful, civil discourse

      • manalishi

        Pay attn little Miss Moffitt. The stereotypical democrat blew 18 million of taypayers “meaningful, civil discourse” and now plans to sue for her “fair share” (or until she gets a settlement that can cover for her lifestyle). She turned this into a race/gender issue with you at her defense. This is not time for discourse, it’s time for richmond to purge itself of the trash it votes for and the the trash that votes for it. You either support it, or you want to divest of it for the public good with restitution. Bon apetit.

  • Karen

    I would expect nothing less. Why wouldn’ t she think she should be intitled to more of the tax payers dollars? She should never have been hired in the first palce.

  • James Hollen

    Hey Tom since you want to have “keyboard muscles” and you feel so strongly with your hate talk… put your full name out there coward…lol. Dont hide behind your keyboard saying hateful thing. Im sure you wont because your kind can’t say this in public and truly identify yourself….lol. Coward. I put my full name up… how about you?

    • Clayton Bigsby

      A true testament to your intelligence… Why don’t you post your SSN and date of birth while you’re at it?

  • Cindy Weatherford

    Amazing simply amazing, it’s time that people stop using the race card, this is being used as a distraction to pull people’s attention away from what has really happened, I think it’s time that the tax payers demand an overhaul of the entire City of Richmond, most of the city officials are way overpaid!

  • Kim

    Tom, say it to a black person’s face. and blame your dumb hunky ancestors for bringing us here and building this advanced civilization. Asians and Latinos didnt go through 400 years of slavery. Like I said, say it to a black person’s face internet tough guy!

    • B Addy

      Kim you have no one to blame but your own ancestors who rounded up their own to be sold across the world. Everyone has been enslaved at some point, well past time blacks stop using it as a crutch and look in the mirror.

      • Kim

        I dont need a crutch. I do me and I’m successful.I dont spend any time blaming dumb white people like you and Tom for anything. You have nothing to do with my being. Screw you both.

      • Kim

        no, I dont. obviously you do to the point that you have to TRY to put others down to make yourself feel better.

  • Kim

    it doesnt matter that my ancestors were willing to sell. Your ancestors were willing to buy so blame them for why we’re here. Telling black people to go back to Africa when your ancestors wanted us here makes no sense. Tom, say it to a black person’s face? Now who the wimp, you blue eyed devil.

  • tom

    Apology. I would like to apologize to anyone I offended with my stupid racist remarks earlier. My use of the N word was not appropriate, nor was the reference to monkey, nor do I hate all black people. I do admit I do use that word, as do many in both races, but my meaning of the word is different. I think that concept of owning any individual is disgusting. I do respect most of the African Americans in this country to include our president even if I don’t agree with his actions.. My personal definition of the N word is what most people call “thugs” and those that propagate the bad things in the black community and sometimes those who use the race card for no reason. I have friends who are black and who I respect and this was a slap in the face to them.. I’m angry at myself for making the inconsiderate and disrespectful statement. I honestly do feel really bad for saying that. I didn’t see anyway to remove them from this site after I made the stupid remarks.

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