HOLMBERG: What’s that beefcake monument off Horsepen? Atlas shrugged!

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HENRICO, Va. -- It’s got to be the most risqué monument in this mighty city of monuments.

And it’s likely the most unknown statue, even though thousands drive by it every day, and have for more than 40 years.

The man who saved it, and erected it calls it “Hercules,” even though it’s most certainly Atlas.

This 12-foot-tall-plus mythological figure has hidden in plain sight so well, that when some prankster hung a phallic implement on his all-but naked lap area, it was there for a month or more before his rather limited modesty was restored.

It’s right there, right off W. Broad Street on Horsepen Road, a rather famous Civil War avenue once known for its horse pens.

After doing a little digging, the true, monumental story was revealed in all its glory.

Yes, the beefcake monument with washboard abs and an Olympian backside has a rather fascinating backstory.

But you must watch my video report  to find out. It was fun sorting this out, for sure. Some heavy lifting, let’s say.

If you have any further doubt about what basic human drive this scintillating statue is heralding, you may be further enlightened by watching this old advertisement from the firm that decided Atlas embodied their beefy, hip and rather healthy product:

And coming soon, another mysterious monument that you’ve seen but likely never really noticed in this City of Monuments.


  • dave

    wow what a find.Anybody who lived in the area for more then 20 years knows this already.And its not the city,Its Henrico county.Next

    • Belsma

      Nope, Dave. Been here since 1982 and have never seen it or heard about it. Guess I don’t get out much! :)

  • Lesley

    I’ve known about it since the late ’70’s as I belonged to a spa called World Wide over in the Regency Sqaure area. They had the Atlas symbol as well. Not sure if the spas were related, but used to see the WWF wrestlers there.

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