Henrico students charged with felonies after Senior Prank

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - Nearly a dozen teenagers were arrested and charged in connection to a Senior Prank that left a mess at Varina High School.

"Words and phrases were written on the sidewalk and signs as well as food items were found covering various walls at the school," Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Linda Toney said about the mess that was discovered May 27.

"Chocolate sauce, syrup, rice, flour, and eggs were thrown onto numerous exterior areas of the school," Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks said. "In addition, trash cans were dumped and placed on the roofs of several buildings, and permanent marker was used to write on doors and walls. Most of the damage was cleaned up quickly that morning."

Police and school officials identified the suspects and charged them with felony vandalism and misdemeanor trespassing.

Students arrested for school vandalism (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

Students arrested for school vandalism (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

Eighteen-year-olds Tiffany D. Birchett, Quniton E. Burt, Khadijah M. Ford, Dekell  M. Lawrence, Khalil J. Randall, Donte W. Robertson, Aja D. Tart, and Justin Diggs were charged as adults. Two 17-year-old girls and one boy were charged as juveniles.

A twelfth suspect has not yet been charged.

"Students involved face severe disciplinary actions including the potential loss of participating in graduation ceremonies," Jenks said. "That’s in addition to whatever criminal charges may or may not be placed."

Eight students appeared in Henrico General District Court Wednesday morning.  They declined to be interviewed on camera, but multiple students and their parents said they were surprised by the felony charges.

The mother of one suspect told reporter Jake Burns that she and her daughter will accept any punishment, but thought the felony vandalism charges were excessive.

Seven of the suspects will have a preliminary hearing on July 31.


  • Terry

    People are so ignorant to keep playing the race game. They were black, they committed a crime. You let them get away with this and the next crime will be worse. Punish them !!!

  • Eric

    These kids certainly need to be punished but a Felony is rediculous. It makes me furious how disrespectful kids are today but the adults are forgetting they were also teens at one time. I really hope this is the court system playing a prank on them and only puts them to work for the summer.

    • jules

      They will likely get a plea deal to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor. Let’s hold off on judging the situation until we see what the judge does. If they throw the book at them, I will be in their corner, but until then, this is a common charge for such things… And it’s only charges.

  • bobnelsonjr

    Vandalism is no prank. These destructive animals deserve all the punishment they get for their savage behavior. They obviously have no respect for institutions of learning or tax dollars used attempting to train for their basic level of citizenship. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Don Keynostril

      Correct. Let the people defending the feral animals get the Section 8 built in their back yard. I grew up in Chicongo and know what’s going on here – & I left Chicongo immediately after college.

  • 2014 Varina Student

    All of these people continuously throw out race. There was no “racist agenda,” my classmates just did a really stupid, amateur prank. It does not matter that they are black, a crime is a crime. Every year when a senior crosses the line, their race is not what dictates their punishment, their actions do. Along with this, we had a new principal this year, who likely wanted to set a standard for the classes following us: if you take a prank to the extreme, you will be dealt with in a similar manner. Do I AGREE with a felony charge? Of course not, but do I think they should get off? No. But what do I know? I’m just a kid.

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