Virginia Flaggers erect second big Confederate flag along I-95

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STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. -- You'll probably see this the next time you drive north on Interstate 95 towards Washington D.C.

The Virginia Flaggers raised a second Confederate flag along the interstate, this new one in Stafford County, just north of Fredericksburg.

The flag, called a “memorial battle flag” by the group, is an Army of Tennessee version and measures in at 20 by 30 feet.

The flag was raised Saturday morning in a small, private ceremony.

The same group raised this Confederate flag along I-95 in Chesterfield last September and the act caused a lot of controversy.

Virginia Flaggers hoist second flag.

Virginia Flaggers hoist second flag.

An online petition was even circulated in hopes it could  derail the flag being hoisted.

Some called the flag a symbol of racism. But the Virginia Flaggers say the flag doesn’t represent hate, and explain that it is a tribute to those who died for the South.

It is specifically to remember the nearly 246,000 Confederate soldiers who fought in separate battles in the vicinity of Fredericksburg (1862), Chancellorsville (1863), Spotsylvania (1864) and the Wilderness (1864), said the group.

Below is an excerpt from the Virginia Flaggers.

“The preservation of liberty and freedom guaranteed by our forefathers and embodied in the US Constitution of 1788, motivated these men to leave their loved ones and take up arms, and driven by duty and honor, they answered the call to defend their State from invasion. Their noble attributes are the underpinning of our republican society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built. These citizen-soldiers of all races, creeds, and faiths, who fought for the Confederacy, personified the best qualities of America.”

The group said that landowners all across Virginia, and even in other states have contacted them to offer land to fly more flags, ever since they first erected the other flag.


  • scars

    My flag is the American flag. The Confederate flag is a flag of a separate nation. There is nothing American about it. If you want to be loyal to the Confederacy, you should have to forfeit your American citizenship. I can’t believe we tolerate a bunch of traitors …

    • Theresa Willson

      If you want, I’d forfeit mine to preserve the TRUE history of all my ancestor’s that fought to protect their families!!!!!

    • Ryan

      Traitors? Are you serious or just plain ignorant. People honoring their heritage is not being a traitor. Nothing American about it? The Confederate States of America… hmmmm.

    • pam

      I am an “American” and have ancestors that have fought in every war from the American Revolution to WWII. When you refer to the American flag, I assume you mean the US Flag which by the way was the flag flying on the ships that brought slaves to this country in the first place. The Confederate flag is an “American” flag too! My confederate ancestors did not own slaves – and would not fight in a war over slavery. The flag represents my heritage as well as the US Flag. Those of us who have ancestors that fought in the War Between the States has every right to fly the flag. It is not everyone’s heritage.


      It is SO sad that many Americans are so ignorant about what caused the War Between the states. If they did proper research, they’d realize that the South had every right to secede.
      Hell, several NE states almost seceded in the early 1850s.
      In actuality, the U.S. flag is much more racist than the CSA could be.
      Mr. Maglett; the Northern states were Nazi-ish in many ways; they expelled blacks and financed the slave trade.
      During the draft riots in NY, blacks were killed, the bodies drug by the genitals.

      • BO

        It does’nt fit the PC version they ones in charge want.The north invaded to take territory that they knew they were going to lose.They were going to lose the no.1 spot in the country.that is what it was about.if anyone think they really cared about slaves you drink too much kool aid.the underground railroad we run by the same animal lovers of today.

  • Bill West

    The Confederate flag is an American flag. If any of you don’t like go back north and stay there!

  • appleatcha

    I think it’s a good thing to generate discussion . Virginia was after all a Confederate State and that history should not be forgotten.

  • Bruce

    I have Confederate ancestors too,and I’m not ashamed of what they did.They fought well and they fought hard.That was a long time ago though.I don’t dwell on that chapter in my family history and I would see nothing to be gained by doing so.It seems childish to hang on to these things.You can’t deny history,that’s true,but you don’t have to live in the past either.

    • pam

      It’s not about living in the past. It’s about honoring those who fought for our freedom, no matter what war they fought in

    • Tripp Lewis

      Who is living in the pass? Are we living in the past when we honor WWI, WWII, etc etc Veterans too? Remember history or your doomed to repeat it.. Rome , Circus, Bread.

  • Larry Lanberg

    I like it — it keeps things fresh. If *everyone* totally caved-in to the p.c. philosophy man, what a boring peanut butter world this would be. I am NOT a neo-Confederate but I appreciate that there’s many neos out there and they can still show their pride. Diversity. I consider a touch of spice in an otherwise boring state. If you don’t like it then a get a job & occupy your time in a healthy manner.

  • the citizen

    they say the confederate flag is not a symbol of hate but every time you see neo-nazis,skin heads,or white supremacy groups they’re flying the confederate flag… hurts the case that its not a hate symbol

    • Critter

      Yes, it absolutely hurts the cause. But buying into the propaganda of the hate groups, you give them power. Because an individual or group hijacks a symbol for their own mis-led agenda does not alter the original intent of the symbol.

  • Z

    It may be someone’s heritage, doesn’t mean we all want it thrown in our face. Like ‘The Citizen’ touched on.. who thinks the Nazi flag is a flag that should be flown over the houses of people with German ‘heritage’… I mean, it’s part of their heritage too right?..! I just have to say, ‘Stupid is as stupid does’.

    • Tripp Lewis

      If your offended or don’t like it, don’t look at it. In your face is me buying the house next door to you and putting up a flag pole on the property line.

      • Z

        Trust me.. I don’t look at it. I just thinks it’s ridiculous. Like I said, stupid is as stupid does. Fly the stupid flag all you want. =)

  • Karl Hott

    I’m sure there are little groups of wannabe Nazis running around Germany doing the same thing. The bigger issue is adult male insecurity manifested in violent fantasy. It must be awful to be so paranoid and alone. Hate is a unifying force for the weak and disenfranchised.

  • Just Commenting

    There is nothing wrong with the Confederate flag. I’m not a traitor and love the American Flag. In fact we fly an American flag in our yard all the time and treat it with respect. We do not let it touch the ground and don’t leave it out unless there’s a light shining on it. My ancestors didn’t own slaves and I am against slavery and I’m not racist. But you can’t have this future without the past. If you don’t want to see the Confederate flag, don’t look. Just saying..,..

  • Stephen Maglott

    What’s next? A Nazi flag in memory of that wars dead? The Confederate Flag will always be a symbol of racist division, it is the opposite of what America should stand for. The right to fly this flag was taken away when racists were allowed to use it, and it will forever be a symbol of hate and harm. Take down this archaic and offensive symbol of those who defended slavery and (thank God) lost..

  • Debi

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with flying this flag. There are many southerners who are proud of their heritage and want to honor their family members who gave their all for the Confederacy. You may think it was a stupid war brother against brother, but so are the conflicts that are going on today along with the Vietnam War. So many lost their lives for nothing.

  • Bo Johnsonb

    Seems those who are the least informed as to what lead to the War of Northern Aggression are the ones with the biggest mouths.

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