Colonial Heights man shot, wounded in attempted robbery in front yard

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UPDATE: Police have arrested two suspects: Derek Alphonso Jackson Jr. is charged with robbery and use of firearm and Nicholas Colburne Garrett, 18, is charged with robbery, use of a firearm and malicious wounding.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Colonial Heights Police are investigating after a man in his 60s was shot in his front yard, in an attempted robbery.

Shortly after 7 p.m. Monday the man was robbed in the 100 block of Biltmore in Colonial Heights, in the Sherwood Hills subdivision.

Army staff sergeant Dustin Griffin heard the shots and rushed over to assist until EMS arrived. He said that the man was shot outside his own SUV, in his own driveway.

The man was transported to VCU Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Police said the suspects drove away and were stopped up the street at Rite-Aid on Jefferson Davis Highway.

Police took two suspects into custody and are examining any cases that resemblance this one.

In May, two robbers targeted a 93-year-old woman who lives in the same neighborhood, and followed her home from the bank. She had just returned from the bank, had parked her car in the garage and then came face-to-face with a man who she said demanded her purse.

She said he ran around the corner of the garage, took the person and then jumped into an automobile where they made a getaway.

Police believe the woman was not a random victim and was targeted at the bank.


  • Peyton

    How about a description of the suspects. The police surely gave a description of the pair that they arrested.

  • Onurnez

    Living in and growing up in this neighborhood for 20 years, we didn’t even lock our doors at night. Now, people who I know personally are getting robbed and shot. It’s a shame that this good neighborhood that I was a part of for so long is now targeted by crime. Our parents that have lived there for many years are targeted because of their age. No blame on “North Petersburg” or “The Mall”. I am not even going to blame CHPD. It’s just sad to see this happening to these older people. Hope this man and his family makes it through this terrible time.

    • manalishi

      Nobody blames the CHPD. These cowboys WILL get their perps,,,oh wait, they already did! This isn’t richmond. Democrats don’t last long in Colonial Heights.

  • carol

    A bank teller at wells fargo bank targeted my husband who is elderly & tried to break into our home at 3:30 am. He also stole his I d & tried to open credit cards. Colonial Heights commonwealth atty made a plea deal probation.only. we still leave in fear.

  • They Walk Among Us

    This is why we PROTECT ourselves.
    Please , don’t let those that scream CONTROL, take what is left of your CONTROL.
    Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at every moment.
    Please PROTECT yourself by whatever means necessary, your loved ones deserve it.

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