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Jim Webb weighs in on his political future

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Former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb is still not ruling out a potential presidential bid.

“We’re taking this one day at a time,” Webb said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” when asked if he was interested in the presidency.

Webb left the Senate at the end of his first term in January 2013 and last month published a book, “I Heard My Country Calling.” From the time he left Congress until he released his new title, Webb stayed out of the limelight to focus on his writing and “clear his head.”

But he said he’s “very happy to be back in the discussion – that’s the main thing.”

“I think I’m better when I can have my own voice,” he told Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent. “It’s one of the reasons that I stepped away from the Senate.”

A veteran of the Vietnam War who also served as Navy secretary and assistant defense secretary, Webb reiterated that he’s not interested in leading the Veterans Affairs Department after the resignation of Secretary Eric Shinseki.

“I’m always happy to give advice, but I’m really not interested in being in the administration right now,” Webb said. He expressed similar sentiments about the VA position Friday on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper.”

On Sunday, he said the VA needs a leader “who knows how to run institutions and who understands the nature of government bureaucracies.”

“You need to have both,” he added.


  • Nate

    This Man would serve our country well as President. I hope he seriously thinks about it! We need a strong leader who really cares about the things happening here at home inside our own borders and he’s it! It’s a shame the hard line progressives basically tossed him out of the Democratic Party. The real Democrats in the traditional meaning need to take back their party from the looney tune lefties!

  • Bobby R.

    James Webb has a clear understanding of the skills required to lead the Veterans Administration. It must be a military veteran with demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities who will challenge the bureaucracy. Congress absolutely must give the authority for the selected leader to ‘steam’ a heading that will return the VA ship to the intended course while at the same time sounding ‘GENERAL QUARTERS’ to ‘right’ the ship from the severe ‘list’ that it is now experiencing. I believe the POTUS has to draw from the retired military ranks for that person. The XO should be a person such as Marilyn Tavenner(sp?) who is highly experienced in running a large medical corporation(she also has experience in running Medicare). This will be no small task to accomplish. Best regards.//blr//

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