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Some Henrico students report feeling ill after drinking school milk

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — Henrico County Public Schools is warning parents that some students have become ill after drinking milk served at some of the schools.

The note obtained by CBS 6 was sent to parents. It stated that a small number of students reported feeling ill immediately after consuming milk served at the schools.

“Their symptoms, mainly nausea, were short-lived.  As a precaution, however, we have decided not to serve milk of any type tomorrow (Friday, May 30th), throughout the school system. Juice and water will be offered as alternatives,” the letter read.

The letter said that there is no indication that the milk was served past its expiration date or stored improperly.

“We are working closely with the Henrico County Health Department, the Virginia Department of Health, and the supplier to identify the source of the problem,” read the letter.

The school will contact parents after the situation is resolved.

The letter encourages parents to contact their child’s school on Friday if there are any additional questions or comments.

The Henrico Health Department can be contacted at (804) 501-5216.


    • Varina

      It was at more than one school, that says to me, there is a problem with the milk itself, not the schools serving it.

  • donald

    no they wont tell us because Henrico county has their own little world they operate in.They have known for years how filthy some of their school cafeterias are and of the bad food that is served in them.Its like the fact they have no money to cut their own grass when its 3ft tall yet short pump keeps getting built up and the grass around Parham at the gov center is always cut by private contractors I assume,the county does have their own equipment and crew yet they hire outside?

  • Dav Nova

    please, someone correct me if I am incorrect (being the intenet I am sure I can find SOMEONE that will)
    cow juice, AKA Milk, is designed by nature to increase the weight of a 100lb calf to a 1200 lb cow in one year. And that is before man grabs it and fills if full of “good” stuff for us.
    so, drink up little kiddies, you will be 300lbs before you know it. cheers

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