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Teen driver steals red light cam after crash

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MARYVILLE, Calif - After a teen driver crashed his truck into a red light camera pole, police in California said he got out of his truck and stole the red light camera, pole and all.

"That's amazing.  I can't believe somebody'd be that stupid," Lyn Hostettler, who lives near the crash scene, said.

Police in Maryville, California said the driver was speeding because he was late for work.

As the teen drove off with the pole in his truck, predictably someone noticed. Another driver took a photo of the teen, his truck and the pole.

Red Light camera

The photo made its way to police. Officers caught the 19-year-old driver at a friend's house. He was trying to get ride of the evidence, they said.

"Oh, that's classic.  He's going to remember that picture for the rest of his life," neighbor Jake Lee said.

No one was injured in the crash.  Police said the damage will cost the city a couple thousand dollars.  The driver was charged with hit and run.


  • angel2

    This is as funny as the woman who tried to carjack a police officer’s truck! When I first saw the headline, I wondered if it was one of my teen boys! Many male teens are impulsive and just don’t think of the consequences. I wonder if the posters who talk about “demcraps” and “libtards” are going to comment on this…

  • Kim

    True Angel2! I thought it was as funny as the lady who tried to steal groceries too lol. Hmmm, is he a Democrat?

    • angel2

      BTW -I vote mainly Republican…I just see no reason for folks to post hateful comments because of their political, religious, ethnical or racial alignments.

  • Tonya

    Don’t see Manalishi stupid a** comments. This is probably him with his ignorant a** or his brother. He took this camera down so Manalishi mama doesn’t get caught tricking.

  • athynz

    He stole the pole too – kid’s got cajones for sure. No brains though. Remind me of a certain someone with an identity crisis who tends to post here and trolls certain commenters.

    • Troll

      Athynz. OK, you got your 2 seconds of recognition now, kind of. You don’t have anything constructive to say. You should play video games 24/7.

      • athynz

        Speak of the certain trolls with identity crisis and they show up out of the woodwork…

        So tell me David what kind of “recognition can one get posting here? Speak up boy.

      • Troll

        athynz.. as stated many times before, the only attention I want is to your stupidity and wasting of everyone’s time. Start playing video games 24/7 instead of your mindless posts 24/7.

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